Her Beautiful Deception

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This is an experimental poem as my poems almost never rhyme.

Submitted: February 20, 2007

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Submitted: February 20, 2007



Her Beautiful Deception


He knelt forth

If a sleep he'd be tossing and turning

Decisions difficult

When passions are burning


He remembers one year past

Remembers the first day

Seeing her, standing lonely

Lonely, by herself, by the bay


Difficult decisions

Was upon him this day

But he proceeded to follow his heart

He struggled forwards, pushing the fear away


He image sizzled in his mind

An image cut into his memory

Never would he forget

The beauty, the regretful beauty


Not disappointment, did he receive

Accommodating his desire

She did no hold back

But now he knows the lies of the liar


Looking down upon her face

His red left hand

Snugly fitted round her neck

The thick blood as he cheeks expand


He remembers six times months past

First deception he sees

The thought of other men

Bring him to his knees


But reality

Turns agony into anger

She begs, he forgives

Anger leaves his wake, love returns like thunder


Blind love, blind

Blind to see beyond the façade

The shield she carefully protects

The game she plays, the charade


She coughs, once, twice...thrice

A drop of blood

Falls to the side of her lips

He pushes her deeper into the mud


She remembers three months past

Remembers the day that changed him

The day she made him this monster

The day the monster within, took him


A happy man came home

Laden with flowers, cards, and love

Her birthday was his reason for joy

Though the events shot down the peaceful dove


Calling to her

As the door closes

He put his hat & jacket on the stand

And on the table, the roses


He quietens his footsteps

Surprise her, his early return

To the room he hopes

Their love tonight, will brightly burn


She remembers his face

The expression slowing changing

As the man on her bosom

Is caught stealing


Shock of the moment

Startles the eyes, mouth and brows

The moment freezes

Until he closes his eyes, turns and leaves


He looks down on her face

Sees remorse in her eyes

The decision becomes harder to make

A moment longer and she dies


But he releases his left hand

And drops the dagger from his right

She breathes deeply

Blinks her eyes, restoring her sight


He turns away, disgraced

Not seeing the liar

Her final deception

To extinguish his fire


Her cat like eyes spotting the blade

Calling his name

One last time

One last time, assuring his fame


The blood runs from his heart

A broken heart

Punctured by steel

A bleeding heart


He remembers one year past

Remembers the first day

Seeing her standing lonely

Lonely by herself, by the bay


Sight is blurring

As his spirit leaves, and his body dies

One last glimpse

He now sees the beauty of her lies.


© Copyright 2019 Sam Zadgan. All rights reserved.

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