Only Exists

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this poem started with the first line in my head...have no idea how i wrote this, but it all came to me when i started writing the first line at 3am.

Submitted: March 01, 2007

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Submitted: March 01, 2007



Only Exists


The herbal organic dictation

Of lives wasted

Among industrial realities

Promising a future of love

And bigger, better you


Symphonies of screeching

Chalkboard messages of hate

Scratching at a brighter happier me


White bricks of mistrust build this house

Rags of the old man

Float in the air, wanting for a home

But find none

Only the bricks

Clinging onto the rough edges

The wanting of something better


Cut in half

Drenched in the blood

Of other men's dreams

Drained by lost hope

Evaporating with the stench

Of rotting fish


There is no more here

Happier and better

Exist only with the last gulp of alcohol

Exists only when the pain of the blade subsides

Exists only and remains only

With the thorn in the well of chrome

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