The Furniture Store

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This is more of a monologue than a short story. This is a true story that actually happened to me a few years ago.

Submitted: February 21, 2007

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Submitted: February 21, 2007



The Furniture Store


So I went to this furniture store a few days ago. Won't be the last time I'm going there though. What I saw will keep me going back for at least few more times.

I wondered around the store and finally I see the coffee table, beautiful Italian designer coffee table. It has an oval shape glass top and porcelain base. The base is hard to describe, it some what looks like the torso of a woman, leaning back with arms to support her in a forty-five degree angle. Then down past her waist, her legs are bent so that the feet are flat on the floor and her knees support the glass.

It does sound a little perverted for me to talk about a coffee table like this, and it even sound more perverted that I would want to buy a coffee table that resembles the female body. But I think this was just what I saw, in an abstract sculpture, which attracted to start with, rather than the analysis I did after I got closer to it.

I walked around the table inspecting it from different angles and from every angle I liked it. This was what I had been looking for, for the past 2 months. Shop after shop and finally I had found the coffee table I wanted, in the shop I did not want to be in. Why? Because deep down I knew this shop would have it, I knew that it would be over my budget, and I knew myself, meaning, that once I find an object that I want...I would buy it regardless of how much it cost. That was the problem.

I waited for service from one of the staff, but they were all busy, I scanned the area to see who was ready to help me, and then I saw her. She was beautiful. She was a dream. Not one of these pieces on the floor could compare with her.

She was helping a couple, a gay couple, with a chair. I thought to myself, if anyone were going to help me, it would be her. I need to speak to her; otherwise I will leave this shop knowing that I have missed a once in a life time opportunity.

She was perfect; she had tall slender body, brunette; a real brunette. She had olive skin, could be mistaken for being tanned, but I knew it was olive skin and blue eyes, which darted out like a couple of arrows. Then there were those glasses, framing those big blue eyes, pair of think black rectangle spectacles, seemingly made for her face. She stood there talking to the couple, meanwhile her pen rested on her lower lip, turning the pen ever so slightly from side to side.

A few moments passed as I gazed in a daze at her. They must have said something funny...she smiled. Her smile could sink a thousand ships, yeah I know that's corny to say, but it's true.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw another man just finishing up with another customer.

"God I hope he doesn't come near me" I dreaded the thought

Thank god, there was young couple with a baby. The wife pushed her husband forward and he apologetically stepped a head of me to get help on a dinning table. I exhaled a sigh of relief.

I look at her in more detail. Is she Vintage, Designer, or Indie? I'm picking maybe something between Designer and Indie. I look at her shoes, I'm guessing Ferragamo, based on the little plaque on the side of the heel, but I've only seen those in the Ferragamo shops in Italy and France. So she's been overseas and she can afford to buy those shoes. Hang on, I think, she wouldn't be making that much money from selling furniture. Maybe she's from a rich family, or, I hope not, but maybe she has a rich husband.

Is she married or not? To this day I don't know which finger that damn ring is on, I looked at her fingers, I saw a porcelain type ring on her right ring finger. I assumed this wasn't a wedding ring as the ring wasn't encrusted with diamonds or any other stone, it wasn't even metal. But looking at her style, if the guy wanted to buy her a ring that matched her style, he might have bought an engagement ring from Dinosaur Designs, I know I would...but then again I don't think the same as other guys...well not usually anyway. So she's not married I deciphered.

I looked down at her ankles, trying to see if they were big or small. Its weird a friend of mine told me years ago that a woman's ankles will tell you how big they will get in their older years. "It's all in the genes. If they have big ankles it means their gonna get fat, the body knows it and the big ankles are there so she can support herself". I highly doubt it, I never believed it, but for some reason every woman I looked at, I would look at their ankles. Hers' is small...are they too small? "No" I shake my head "stop being so stupid".

I think she's getting tired talking to those gay guys. Wait...what if she thinks I'm gay. Lets be serious, I'm alone in a designer furniture shop, which means I obviously don't have a wife or girlfriend. I'm looking for a coffee table, which guy do you know that spends 2 months looking everywhere for just the right coffee table. It wouldn't be the first time someone thought I was gay...damn I shouldn't have shaved today...I shouldn't have worn this damn lime sweater!

I tried to get the thoughts out of my head. I focused my attention back on her, she gave her business card to the two guys, they said their goodbye's and walked away. She turned to her small desk and jotted down some notes. Only a moment later she raised her head again, flicking her hair. She surveyed the store and saw me!

I see her coming and try to calm myself, telling myself; "just relax, talk to her. Its easy, you can do it. Just take it easy, talk about the coffee table and see what happens, no pressure...she's here...stop!"

"Hi there, can I help you?" she says with a smile

", just um, just having a look around...thanks!" 

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