House Of The Damned

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The first house on the lane
There they said dwells the criminally insane...
There they said is the worse
There they said the family is cursed

There is were i dwell...
this is the story i tell

Submitted: November 29, 2009

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Submitted: November 29, 2009



House Of the Damned

They came loud and haughty,
Paths were crossed, things were said.
They came looking for justice,
aroused onlookers from their beds.
A crowd had gathered
A mob fueled by anger outside
They’ve done it again
 They can’t run, a bother to hide.
Mother being the peacemaker
Tried to calm the crowd
Her voice much too meek
against the gang so loud.
Time and time again they’ve done it
With each the consequences raised higher
Look what’s happening now
Outside there’s an unquenchable fire.
We watched intently
Mother said to stay in the house
Against the war outside
We’re as quiet as a mouse.
The perpetrators caught,
Cursed and brutally penalized.
Now when people pass by
You can see the contempt in their eyes…
Mama, only a mother can know how u feel
You’re Tears beyond embarrassed…
But look what they’ve done to you mother?
You look oddly tired and stressed…..
Though it no longer ruffles our skins
In such an event, anyone else would be deeply traumatized
But in this avenue
It’s a regular pattern in our lives….
The house damned,
The occupants eternally cursed,
In this house of destruction
Who will be out first?...
In this clustered dark hole,
We search for the light;
But the dark days are forever upon us
Too tired and meek, our attempts futile against the fight
So we rest here,
Becoming examples of the worst,
The whispers are around town;
The family is cursed….
It’s the title we carry
The burden we all share
From the big to the small
This is the accursed life we bear…

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