The Black Box

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"I can be your dirty little secret"
All American Rejects

yet this secret is so dirty she herself doesn't know
yet the memories, buried so, that dark lirttle box within her soul deep wants her to remember....

Submitted: November 23, 2009

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Submitted: November 23, 2009



In this box hidden so deep,
Her lies the secret a girl stoically keeps.
Sealed so tight hidden in the darkest chamber,
Unknown by the world and hidden forever.
But in this dark silence, tilled with fear,
The secret like dark crept from its frowsy lair.
Seeping through the cracks, creeping into her world,
The secret took the form of a broken girl.
Broken so young her childish hands,
The being so sad only wants to understand.
Why so long forgotten; what had she done,
To make her be this person she has become.
Secret became her demon, the melancholy voices in her head
“Remember me, remember me” was all it said
Her voice hoarse with pain, the distress in her eyes.
No one but her hears the secret dark cries.
So sad so sad, how can she console her,
She only said so faintly…”Please remember”.
No clue to help her, so the broken girl silently bled
From her pain filled eyes, blood flowed crimson red.
Crimson rain cascades, pooling on the floor.
A pond to the past the girl’s open door…
That night so dark, the one she tried so hard to forget
Remembers now, that night conceived a girl named Secret.
She wasn’t broken then, there in the bed laid Sara,
But in a few moments her life would change forever.
In stepped dad rum stagnant on his breathe,
Will begin the story of how he fathered secret.
Sara screamed in pain, her pleas unheard,
Daddy please stop!” but he was deafen to every word.
It ended quickly; girl sullied, unnatural, unlike herself
Stolen innocence at the tender age of twelve…
She sees it now, why the girl so sad
It was all because of her loving dad.
There her world unraveled before her eyes,
For all those years she was fed those lies.
It all came back; the pain and the emptiness of this unfamiliar shell.
The body which was invaded and being too afraid to tell.
She sinks into darkness, a destitute hole
To her in that moment, the world too cruel…
Her world turned dark, blood transforms into black in each vein,
A different person came out that day, little Sara transform with pain.
As dad lays a sleep, spooning with his wife,
Unknown to him the last moments in life.
She plunged hard, the knife piercing his heart,
He made a promise he kept, `till death doeth apart.
Her sweet mother, the innocent had to die too.
As she passed in the night Sara whispered, “Mama I love you”
The two lay dead; her blood stained hands, all on her own
The little girl whispered, “With me you’re never alone”
Hand in hand the two joint forever,
But the only person you’ll see is little Sara…

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