Lyrics: Take 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

First attempt at adapting poetry to music.

Life’s Funny
Life’s funny, sometimes windin’ round
You’ve gotta laugh justa enjoy that sound
You’ve gotta laugh to save that cry
For some hello’s and hella goodbyes
Though I’m rough ‘n’ tumble,
I’m soft as Texas satin
I’m gonna save that cry to keep on laughin’
It could be our life, baby
And I’m standin here for your takin’
I’m rough ‘n’ tumble,
Soft as Texas satin
Good ’n’ here for you takin’
Cuz life’s funny
Gotta save that cry and keep on laughin’
Spend most of your life searchin’ for you,
For me, for that God damn ‘we’
It’s funny.
Life’s funny.
Quit lookin’ and keep on laughin’,
Save yourself from losin’, cryin’
But you’re rough ‘n’ tumble,
Soft as satin
I’m here and I’m askin’
Take my love ‘n’ keep on laughin’
No goodbyes
The moment I saw you, somthin’ inside me knew
Not to take my eyes away
N how I know, seems tha road I’ve taken
H’s led me so far astray
I’m sorry I coward from tellin’ you the truth
So ugly, understand if you run
But, baby, I’m not givin up, though can’t start where
We’d  begun
Just please no goodbyes, no goodbyes
You’re the only one that c’n ever see Me in my eyes
No goodbyes, no goodbyes
I know you’re the one I want to wake to for
The rest of our lives.
I’ll do whatever it takes to make you, us, happy
Thru the good n bad, just no goodbyes
I  long to wake to your face, my sunrise is your smile
See me a’gin, convince you to stay a while
You’ll see the Truth that is Me and all I can give
Just let me start over and re-live
The Descent
 Foresight wakes me from an excited truth
Though restin, glowin from familiar you
My mind wakes winds back . . . my wayward nimbus
A dull radiance from where you could e’r see us
With shaking hands, course tenderness I caress,
Ravenous for your taste, lustful, t’ say  tha less
Confident in doubt my compass leads to you
To you, the only you
My compass leads to you
I’m mesmerized by your ordinary greatness,
To bask in the rays of your everyday makeness
Forever, though incredibly, in this untimely hour
Would find me, hopefully in your arms forever.
I find myself content at the conclusion of our earthy dawn
To find you n us, my angel, my most beautiful one
Because I make you feel more alive
Cuz you find a Life to live in my eyes
Because you like my lovin, my laugh, my mind
Just trust
Because I’m my own, somthin you’ve never seen
Can’t take your eyes away, never too close er n b’tween
Cuz however untimely, unexpected, unwise, unbeknownst,
You’re fallin in
Just Trust
Because I trust you to trust me
Because I tell you my heart, all that could be we
Because I think of you in wake, n sleep, in work, and play
Because I am a better person with you . . . any way.
When I’m alone, company, in rapture, I’m fallin in
You’re fallin in

Submitted: July 25, 2010

© Copyright 2021 Sam30. All rights reserved.

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