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Science had done amazing things to people. It just didn't agree with my brain.

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Submitted: July 31, 2009

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Submitted: July 31, 2009



I woke up in a room not a nice friendly room, a room that was straight out of a high teck mental hospital. It had to be 40ft X 40ft with a ceiling height of 90ft. It was just huge with no windows and all white. A good 14ft up all the walls were padded. No buttons in sight. The lights were at the top of the 90ft tall ceiling. They were the big halogen lights you find in warehouses, instead of a hallow green glow it was serious natural lighting making the white walls as white as you could see them. Truly blinding and not helping me adjust in the least. Only one wall was different form the other three. A good 4 ft from the ground a big mirror started it was 5 ft in height and went almost the entire length of the wall. A ten foot section was left bare, it had to be a door yet there was no knob or hinges the only reason I thought it moved was because it had a cookie cutter line all the way around it. It was like a big ass garage door. Who knew how the hell it opened, right left up down.

Standing my legs were wobbly like I had just run a marathon with 20lbs on each ankle. It took me a second to get my balance and stand correctly. Shit this sucks. I then took note of the clothes I had on. I pulled the skin tight white cotton tang top from my body and let g it sprang back hugging my body tightly. I don’t own one of these and I sure as hell wouldn’t wear it. I had no stomach for it, or rather I had to much of a stomach for a shirt this this. I then looked down and noticed my shoes. They were slip on’s. One you bought for $5 a Wall Mart, they were also white.

I then noticed me. I was skinny. Holy shit I was skinny. I pulled u my shirt to examine my almost six pack. Hot diggity dog. My boobs were bigger to they had to be big C’s. Looking up to the mirror, which I knew must be one way I looked at myself. I was in the best shape of my life. Being 5’5’’ I was in prefect body weight and I looked like a super model. My hair was even longer. Now how in the hell did they do that it had to be extensions. Puling at my long black curly hair it only hurt my scalp. It was past my butt long. I loved it I had wanted it to grow for ever now. I then noticed my eyes. Being of Hispanic decent I had all the charistics of a Latina. Dark skin black hair, the dark eyes. Yet my brown eyes were not brown anymore. They had been brown for the last 22 years and now they were crystal blue. I leaped to the mirror too look myself I the eyes. They were the same eyes no Minority report shit but they were blue.

Lifting my hand I tapped the glass It was solid like a fricken transformer could crash into it and it wouldn’t even scuff. Go bumble bee go. Turning around I looked at the opposite wall. There was absolutely nothing in the entire room except for me.

The sound of compressed air filled the room and I turned around. The wall I thought moved did the piece stuttered back like a truck hit it. It then slid over with a loud sound of hydraulics and opened. Steam emanated from the area.

“Hello Samantha” I was extremely surprised they used my name. I had half expected them to call me something else although I didn’t know why. The man was tall and had no muscling blonde short hair and green eyes from behind glasses staired at me. He was in a big white coat like he was a doctor or scientist and he held a clip board precariously between both hands. He had a light blue dress shirt and a dark blue tye on with pins on shirt collar. The door sucked shut behind and he smiled. I was suspious, this was strange. I felt like screaming at him to tell me what the hell was going on, to try and dive for the door that was closing. Yet I stood still, not a thing that I felt like doing would help me in the least. “Please lets take a seat” He took the clip board in his right hand and sweep his left hand out. My brows creased, first there was nothing in the room to sit on except the floor.

Turning around sat a big long table white top and steel white legs. The two chairs sat at the ends so that they were the farthest apart they could be. Looking back at the mirror they had obviously placed the chairs where there were so that you could see both people. My next cause for my brow crease was how the hell they had set this up behind my back. That was when I looked at the floor. It had the same type of line that the door had, which meant the floor moved. That had me wondering how far under ground we were. We just had to be underground.

“My name is Charlie. I was given the opportunity to over see this operation. Please have a seat.” He had placed the clip board on the table and was pulling out his char when he noticed that I was still standing. Again he sweeped his left hand out toward the empty chair across the table. Taking in a breath to clear my lungs I waltzed over to the chair and took the seat. He was sitting before I was finished scooting into my area of the table.

“What can I do for you Charlie?” my first words to him and I seen him twitch. I doubt it was a good twitch it seemed as if he was almost afraid of my words. I was not at all sure in my words, my tone was almost unrecognizable I felt like a different person.

“Its good that you can talk I was beginning to worry” He looked down at the clip board and started to pull out papers re-organizing them. He took the pen that rested in the white over coat front pocket and click it. “So your name is?” The question threw me for a loop didn’t he just say my name? Again the urge to kick him backwards in his chair and scream at him was almost uncontrollable.

“Samantha” I took in a breath to calm the nerves that were sparking with in myself.

“Good just wanted to make sure. Now what is it that you remember last?” He had his pen to the papers and didn’t look up as he ask the next question. Good question I thought. What was it that I remembered last would it help me figure out what was going on? I sorted through years of memories trying to peg just one as my last one. It seemed like I was sitting there silent with him writing for hours. Like a movie reel I kept going through them until one looked promising. Rewind… yea that seemed close enough for me to believe that was the last.

“The blood draw. It was the blood draw” I said it mostly to myself but he heard it. Red lights flash within my head it was incredibly hard to sit still and not try and kill him. I wanted to panic and flip out but again self control was one of my great qualities. Where was my mom and little brother? That question screamed within me wanting out desperately. Again I smothered it away. “We went in for our blood draw and had to wait until after our DNA was processed with the state before we could go. They told us sometimes it wouldn’t go through and they would have to re draw the blood. They called me back and sat me down like they had before. This time the man jabbed me with a needle ad before I knew it I woke up here.” My eyes had rose from the table top to the mans glasses. He scribble for a few more minutes and then set the pen down in the middle of the paper.

“Do you know why the government is requiring the blood draws?” He had crossed his hands neatly on the clipboard and its papers covering the pen. This was a no brainer, even simpler than the name one because that one had a hidden meaning.

“Yea to keep track of everyone. That way you have a DNA sample of everyone on the planet” I sat back in my chair a little annoyed on the simple question.

“That is the second reason.” My brows creased again and I looked up at his face and then to the mirror and back at him. He had a cheeky grin on his face like he had me by some chain I hadn’t realized I was attached to.

“The main reason they are doing a blood draw is because some people have adaptable blood. This blood can be manipulated and changed. When the right blood is found they are taken and altered according to the blood’s code. It all very scientific although I’m sure you will figure it out eventually I doubt I need to go into detail now.” He waved around his hands as he spoke and was actually relaxed when he started back up. “As you can guess you had a very interesting blood code” He looked down at his papers moving his left elbow to see correctly.

“What did you do to me?” I brought my arms to the table and glared at him from the distance. That was the first time I let my emotions slip and it pissed me off. I broke off my glare and looked down at the table.

“I am not a scientist. I am here to over see how you handle the new information and guild you through the rest”. I hated de ja vu it confused the hell out of me and was just plain dumb.

“What did they do to me?” I probably looked like I had rabies I was nearly growling at the guy.

“Everyone is different everyone is changed differently. Yet you were different or rather special. You accepted many of the alterations, age, healing, speech, and your blood morphed during the process no on knows what that’s going to do to you.” again he was staring at the papers, they most likely had all of what he was telling me on them.

“So you have no idea why my blood changed but you can tell me what age, healing and speech means”

“Age is immortality or rather an ability to stop your aging. Healing is a rather complex ability that very few have taken to. You can heal wounds and what not although it gets rather complicated. Speech is the simplest yet another that is hard to implement to the fullest. When you hear a language you learn it and know it fully. Theoretically you will be able to speak it write and read it most do not poses the entire ability and can only speak it or read it. That’s where I come in.” The puzzle piece lock into place.

“So you’re here to test me. To see what I am capable of.” He nodded making the glasses on his nose slide down a little farther.

“Correct” I wrinkled my nose and broke to the building pressure.

“Are my brother and mom ok?” This question caught him off guard. He looked at me for a second and then to the mirror. I looked over and watched the tint of the mirror fade. It was impressive, about 20 people were bustling around behind desks watching me. A man stood out of the crowd and had both of his thumbs up the mirror began to fade again and it again showed a mirror image.

“That would be two yes’s” I glared at him.

“Do you people have them or are they free in the free world?” he nodded like he had misinterpret my question the first time.

“Yes they were not selected” I rolled my eyes selected, great word. He sat up straight in his chair and sorted through his papers. “We can start easy” He pulled his glasses closer to his eyes and squinted at the papers perusing his lips he started “Bun, ce mai faci?” as he finished he looked up at me. I had never heard that before but by the third word I understood what he was saying. It was like I knew it or he was speaking in English. My brain was in over drive I could feel it kick into gear. I grabbed my head it hurt like a bitch. “Samantha are you alright?” He looked ready to spring from the chair. I laughed and looked at him.

“Do you know what you just asked me?” He sat back in his chair puzzled and he spoke carefully.

“No I do not know Romanian”

“You said hello how are you? Then you ask me if I’m ok. It was just a silly play with words.” his face turned into a smile and he slid a note book and pen to me. On the paper was a sentence, Sa nu uiti sa zambesti, sa te distrezi si sa te simti bine!

“What does the paper say?” He must have the answer in front of him since he kept looking down. I took in a deep breath.

“Remember, smile have fun and relax yourself! It may be translated to remember smile have fun and enjoy your self but it just doesn’t translate correctly if you said it like that.” He nodded obviously not caring or knowing a thing about the language.

“Now write, I have a head ache.” I looked at him with a bland expression. Sure they knew I was going to get a head ache. With that I wrote it down and slid the paper and pen back to him.

“Correct, so do you believe you have a high understanding of the Romanian language?” I sighed and nodded.

“Yea I could speak it”. We spent the rest of the afternoon cramming as many languages as he could into my brain. I learned Spanish, Gaelic, Italian, Ukrainian, Finnish, Cheyenne, Apache, Swedish, French, Bengali, Tibetan, Danish, Hebrew, Eskimo, Arabic, Yaka, Polish, Algerian, Irish, Czech, German, Turkish, Latin, Hungarian, Japanese, Navajo, Icelandic, Greek, Chinese, Vietnamese, Dutch, Portuguese, Korean, Cantonese, Zulu, Russian, Punjabi, Cherokee, Occitan, Slovak, Thai, Welsh, and we even went over ASL. My brain was fried. He started packing up his stuff and slid in his chair under the table after he stood.

“44 languages in about 4 hours, I believe that is a world record.” He looked at his watch and smiled at me. Yea because I was trying to beat a record, hell I was just waiting for him to say that was the last one and he just kept going. “Tomorrow we will do more” With that he was standing in front of the door and I was stoked to learn even more languages that would never come in handy. The door opened and as Charlie left another guy came in. This guy was in a green outfit like a surgeon and caring a tray.

“Your dinner” he came as close to me as he thought was necessary and slid the tray the rest of the way. It was all health food lots of veggies and a little slab of meat with yogurt in the corner. It looked like a very thought out and high quality meal. Water milk and juice were my drinking options. No silver wear though not even chop sticks. I looked over to the mirror as the man scurried out of the door.

“No silver wear? I have to use my fingers?” I was going crazy I knew it, talking to a mirror like it would say something back. I went about eating my meal. The thought of poison or drugs did cross my mind but they had already fucked with me. The worst that could happen was death and why the hell would they kill me after spending thousands of dollars in surgery.

After I was done I just sat there. There was absolutely nothing to do here. Closing my eyes I went through the languages I had learned today. Some were fun to play around with and my brain had fun comparing the same words with the different meanings of each language. I heard to beeps and my eyes opened the mirror was down and a man stood there. He pointed to the door and I looked over he then held his hand out flat and had the other walk across it. He wanted me to walk to it. Sighing, I had nothing else to do. I jumped up and stood by the door. The mirror changed and the table and chairs flipped over and disappeared. Next straight across from me a bed sprang out of the wall.

My brows tweaked and I walked toward it. Of course they expect me to sleep here. Rolling my eyes I kicked off my shoes and laid in bed. Once my head hit the pillow the main lights flicked off and the only thing in the room was a night light that ran the entire length of the mirror. It was extremely dim and for a person who like to sleep in complete darkness it was perfect. Hello new routine. I didn’t sleep well I had the feeling of someone watching you the entire time. I wouldn’t doubt it if they were watching me like a hawk they certainly had the equipment to do it. The bright lights woke me from my light sleep. As I sat up from bed I noticed the table and chairs were flipped back up again. Slipping my shoes on I shuffled to the table. The tray was again full of the perfectly balanced breakfast and it wasn’t cheerios. Again milk water and orange juice were my liquids. This time in a little cup to the side sat 4 pills. I eyed them and then noticed a book and a hair brush sitting a little away from the food.

I reach over and grabbed the hair brush. I ripped through my now twice as long rats nest and highly considered braiding or doing something ot it before I went to sleep again. With that over I set the brush down and grabbed the book. I rolled my eyes it was a book of Swat and military tactics. Why the hell would they want to teach me this stuff I fingered through the book and set it on the table. Eating my meal the pills screamed at me. This was going to be the first thing that I was going to refuse to do. It wasn’t doing to be pretty either.

I heard the door open and Charlie came through it. This time he didn’t have his clip board he instead had an I-pod.

“Good morning Samantha” He was cheery this morning and it made me sick. He looked down at the cup and the pills. “You need to eat those” I looked up into his eyes and he took a step back from me.

“No thank you” He pulled his pen from his pocket and used it as a finger.

“That one is to try and fix your blood, this it to help you testosterone level, this is for thyroid, and this is for your headaches. None of them are special people take them everyday. Our goal is to get you as healthy as possible. Please take them.” I hated trusting a person that had messed with my brain and blood, but I picked the pills up and swallowed them down. I opened my mouth and moved my tongue around for him to see that I had swallowed them all.

“Down the hatch”

“Today you get to read that book and listen to this” He set the I-pod on the table and turned to walk away.

“Wait you said we were gonna work of languages again” His walked slowed and he turned to look at me.

“There are around 6800 languages in 200 countries of the world only 2261 have a writing system the other are purely spoken. I can teach you all of the ones that are written but you must learn the spoken one differently” I reached out for the I-pod and he left the room. Trust me you do not want to hear the some 4539 languages on an I-pod on repeat. That was all that was on the damn thing. So I listened to that and did what the human woman is most capable of multitask. The book was as un-enthralling as the voices I was hearing. I swear I wasn’t going crazy it was the I-pod I swear!

By lunch I could have cared less where I was on the voice count but I was a quarter way through the book. With nothing to do but read I was eating the book alive. Lunch was a healthy tuna salad. If it was for the food I would have sworn I was in prison but damn the food through you for a loop. I would have paid top dollar for the meals so far. I just hoped like hell they wouldn’t fade out as time when on.

Speaking of time there were no clocks in this joint and I had no idea what time it really was. For all I knew they had my hours messed up to high heaven. I suppose it depended on what continent I was in. Thanks to these guys I would have no problem communicating with anyone. The bathroom was also a new development today. A door magically appeared exactly 8 ft from the end of my bed. I counted. It was a very simple bath room with a sink toilet and bathtub shower combo. All of the pluming was hidden so that I couldn’t strip anything and use the pieces as weapons. You think a simple farm girl couldn’t make weapon out of pluming well think again this neat little book I was reading was extremely enlightening.

The only thing pointy that I got was my tooth brush and it was electric. The door to the bathroom was also interesting it was one of those hide away doors that slid into the wall. It was wood and totally breakable. The room was the only place these people couldn’t see me. I had considered locking myself up in it several times. I am so glad that these people can’t read my mind.

Dinner came and went and it was off to bed soon after. Breakfast was French toast and so yummy! More pills though and that didn’t sit right with me. The whole day was spent trying to finish that task I was ask of the day before. All in all it took me four days to finish the book and listen to the whole I-pod. It was a big book. It was sitting in the middle of the table and I was listening to my last set of voices as I called them when Charlie appeared for the first time in days.

“Hello Samantha how have you been?” he came forward and grabbed the book and sat in the extra seat.

“Board as hell I have been here for four days learning every language know to man and learning how to kill them to boot.” ok I sounded crazy he didn’t looked convinced though.

“You haven’t learned all of them. I have a few more books for you and a new I-pod. I also brought you a lab top.” The lab top was a cool new feature little did I know what it was going to do to me.

I spent every waking minute with that I-pod in my ear and either reading or reading on the computer. It was all weapons and tactical training. I learned how to make bombs defuse bombs I learned Morse code I knew every language ever mentioned in the human world. I even learned how to make drugs and I was now starting my PHD. How to fix a broken arm with baking soda, cool shit. It was after I started with the computer that I figured out why they were doing this. I was going to be a weapon for some government. I was being trained for everything they could think up and I was learning it faster than any normal human could ever even try. I was also scientifically altered.

When Charlie seen me last I was different I could tell it wasn’t from the drugs it was my mind. I analyzed him from head to toe on how I could fix him and save him and also to dismember him. I knew the joints muscles and instinct’s of the human body and brain. It made me sick.

They finely started to teach me how to use my healing power. It distracted me a little from mentally breaking and putting back together every person they introduced to me. At first they thought I had got the entire ability perfectly. They were wrong instead of me being able to heal what ever I wanted when ever I wanted I received the injury. Say you had a broken rib if I fixed it the wound would go away and it would carry over to me so that I would have the broken rib. I hated it.

Injuries were what I hated to do dieses and colds were nothing they made me sleepy and I had lost days but I recovered extremely fast. I had healed terminal cancer with only a touch.

I knew now why people who went to war came back different. They messed with your brain, it affected me every time I seen a human. If I was alone I was fine my brain functioned normally. People threw a wrench in my gears.

I lost track of the days I spent there they all started to mesh and I didn’t care. The next faze they introduced to me was strength training. They brought in weight equipment and a treadmill. They figured after I made a bomb out of my tooth brush they didn’t have to worry about me making weapons.

I was in incredible shape. I damn near had a six pack and I had to do palties to keep my muscles lean. I did not want big bulky muscles.

“Hey Char?” I asked as I ran on the treadmill. He was standing in front of me watching my heart beats.


“How long have I been in here?” I looked at him and the notable grey hair and extra wrinkles. He kept starring at the numbers.

“We have been wondering when you were going to ask that”

“Is it really that big of a questions it only numbers” I kept up my stead pace at a fast jog.

“It will be interesting how your brain will analyze those numbers.” I looked at him he was looking between my heart number and his watch.

“Has it been that long already?” I seen him take in a breath.

“Yes. 17 years.” I stopped and didn’t notice the treadmill break under me. Charlie took a few steps back closer to the door.

“I have been here for 17 years!” I was shocked. No wonder he was changing in front of my eyes. I wasn’t going to make it. My brain went into over drive there was not enough for me to learn to keep me occupied. I was going to get board and. I was going to be suicidal at one point in the future. I stepped off the treadmill and shook my head. “I have to keep learning” I mumbled to myself.

“One of your best points a calm demeanor. They told me I needed to be on the other side of the mirror to tell you that. You only broke your treadmill. I hate to rub it in there faces but I know you the best.” He sat down in the chair he used every time he came in with a satisfied grin.

“Yes you’re my only friend next to Jaun I actually see him more but we don’t talk much.” Jaun was the guy who brought me all my meals. I went to my weight machine and grabbed my towel and headed toward the table. “There’s something else your not telling me” I slammed my hard ass to the chair and he sat up. His body language scream he didn’t want to tell me more so than the 17 years ordeal.

“I’m retiring” I pulled the towel from my neck and slapped it down.

“Why are my instincts saying I’m going to stay here” He looked at me sheepishly.

“You are. There getting you a new counselor one who has been studying you his entire career.” I scuffed to myself.

“That’s just what I need some obsessed wet behind the ears child wanting to hump my leg.” I rolled my eyes and Char chuckled.

“Sam I sorry but I can’t do this anymore. You see me more than my children ever did and my grandkids need me.” I looked up at my ceiling and waved him off.

“Get out of here old man. I’m not as selfish as even you think I am. Have a good life.” I stood from my chair and went to my bed fresh clothes were set out. Marlene the only other person I was used to seeing took my clothes and gave me new ones. I started to change and Char left for the last time. I wouldn’t doubt they replace Jaun and Marlene soon to.

The new guy was exactly as I guessed he would be. He had to be a just turned 20 years old. Since when was that young to me? Looking at me I was still 22 well actually I looked like I was 19. In real time I was 39. His name was Dane and he was tall with dark brown eyes and dark hair. He looked like he was just born and the best part….

“Hi Sam how have you been? I’m sorry to hear about Char. We have a new treadmill on the way. We have a new curriculum for you here” The damn kid thought he knew everything and was my best friend. He slid the USB drive across the table and confidently crossed

“My name is Samantha. I am asking you kindly to not talk about Charlie. I can only guess about the treadmill, trust me I am not worried about it. I would like to get this started so the sooner you can leave the better.” I grasped the drive and went to my bed where I had my lap top. He sat there like I had slapped him. It crossed my mind but I reframed. He stood and left quietly. I didn’t like him and that was not a safe way of thinking.

Thank god he didn’t run my learning program because that didn’t change all that much. I was now learning about history. This worried me immensely when they give you history to learn that means there running out of new things to teach you.

Dane turned out to be an alight kid after I gave him the time of day and he got off of his high horse. Before I knew it he was retiring like Char had. It had me wondering when Char passed. They had since changed my waiter and maid several times trying to keep them more my age. Everyday it seemed like I had a new one. Time was flying and it made me uncomfortable. I wasn’t changing.

“Hey Dane. How old am I?” He looked at me from under white brows. He stayed much longer than Charlie had.

“Your 80” I cringed on the inside and looked away from him.

“Have a good life Dane. Send me the next one” he smiled a huge smile that I always loved. He leaned back in his chair and nodded to the mirror.

“Sam I would like you to meet my son, Sean.” The kid looked just like his father had at the age. He looked happy and shocked to see me. He stood behind his father without blinking

“She looks the same” Dane nodded.

“I showed him photos of you even since he was little he was raised knowing you” I smiled for the first time a real smiled crossed my lips.

“Its nice to meet you Sean” He smiled back, it was a spitting image of his fathers. Again years went by and I went though several generations of Danes family. I was now 167 years old and I didn’t show but 19 of it. I hated to do it when I was under Brice’s watch. The kid was a nice kid the first blonde in the family he still had hazel eyes.

My first attempt was letting the weights fall on my head. It only gave me a splitting head ache. Next I used the cords to try and hang myself. I then tried a series of blood things with my razor, those didn’t work at all my body just kept making blood. It took them a few days to clean up those messes. I tried election, I tried stopping my heart anything I could do to end my life I tried. 160 years was plenty for me I was done. I knew every thing I could learn and was just done it was enough. I had no reason to live.

Sadly my body was stuck in a time of healing and it would heal everything I did to my self faster than death could come. The only reminder I had were the scars of the many ways I tried to take my life. They started to take my thing away and I lost it my brain snapped. I reached the point of no return and what ever break through they wanted me to reach. I picked up the table that sat in the middle of my room and threw it at the mirror with my mind alone. What everyone would call telekinesis.

Brice was stoked. And with my new found ability I found a reason to live, master it. They gave me back all my equipment and I was back in business. They found endless ways to refine my talent. Before Brice left he told me that as high functioning as my brain was it was only a matter of time before this happened. I was the only one to do this so far and they were extremely proud of me. I also learned I was the oldest in the program most had died by now or had successfully offed themselves. It took a few more counselors before I went off the wall and this time they couldn’t stop me. With the telekinesis

I was highly dangerous. I started to kill the people who got in my way. I never figured it would be that easy to take a life but it was. I kept my hands and mind off of the people I knew the most but and guard or someone that pissed me off was dead with one look. I was finely able to implement the training that they had spent all these year imbedding into my brain.

Charlie would be impressed. I was in the middle of making a human tornado in my room when a metal blindfold came over my eyes and I heard the bodies drop like dead fish. I tried to shake it off and I found my hands in cuffs. What ever they were I couldn’t break. I was stumped and appalled no metal was supposed to hold me. I was stronger than anything. I was slammed to a wall and chained to it. I had no room to do anything. I felt hands on me strip me off all my clothes and then replace them. The clothe was heavy and had metal changing on it. They put my upper half in a straight jacket and went about chaining it shut and it to the wall. My legs were also bound together and the blindfold lifted.

Zack stood with about 15 other men around.

“I’m sorry Sam but it had to be done we can’t have you trying to kill yourself or anyone else.” Zack was the last in my opinion of Danes line. It was done the personal connection was now over. I looked down and seen gold.

“Its Gold? The softest metal” it was perplexing to me.

“It was the only thing we could think of. When you did you initial surgery we decide that you needed a weakness. Like superman’s kryptonite yours is pure gold. You can’t break it our get out of it. The blind fold is pure gold so you can’t use your telekinesis threw it.” I grabbed Zack’s clipboard and smashed it in his face with my power and the blindfold came down. Take that for gold weakness, asshole.

I was in solitary confinement for what felt like ever. The only thing that kept me company was my mind which frightened me. It was broken now, it spoke to me in different languages. The dark was vast and so much went on in here. I didn’t know what was my mind and what was real darkness. It seemed to blend and intertwine making it near impossible to distinguish. It didn’t help that they never took the damn blindfold off.

“How old is she?” a new voice popped into my head and I tried to shake it out. Instead of going away another new voice came in.

“She is 208 this year come November” I inhaled. This was real this was not my mind. I was 208 years old now it was never going to end. I was going to be stuck against this wall until the world ended and boy I couldn’t wait!

“What happened to her?” A different voice this one distinct from the others. A mans voice it was smooth deep and rich he had almost no life in it, it was so mono.

“Age, her mind went crazy. She can’t tolerate time.” the second man he was bitter to reply.

“That didn’t answer my question. What did you do to her?” I liked this guy he read in-between the lines.

“She was trained and learned amazing things in an incredible amount of time.” The second guy again he must be my current counselor. I have never heard his voice before let alone seen his face and he knew me inside and out head to toe, yup my current counselor.

“She never left this room did she?” Again the guy I liked. His voiced seemed to smooth away the craziness in my head. He was giving me serenity.

“No she was not allowed” he sounded like he wanted to say more but the third guy interrupted him.

“And you wonder why she went crazy. This is ridicules.” again the third guy and the voice trailed off as he started to walk away, obviously irritated.

“Léon was allowed to leave and to practice, he is not pent up in a box let alone strapped and chained to a wall. You have no experience in keeping an immortal. Their brains are extremely fragile.” The first man sounded upset about my situation.

“She is far more dangerous then your male here” my counselor was not happy about being nearly being called stupid.

“I beg your pardon but Léon is mentally stable and able to walk around in the free world with out harming anyone and is over 3 thousands years old.” my head flew back and hit the wall. He was three thousand years old! I wanted to scream. This was unfair. I heard my chains clang around and shake. How was he so special that he could walk around and I was chained to this wall.? What did he do that was better, I was never given a chance!

“Let her out of those before I do it for you!” Léon snapped his tone was deep and sharp. It was a threatening tone sure to make anyone take a step back if he used it. I needed to speak with him see him anything. He could explain so much to me that I could never get a current human to answer. I wanted free, I wanted to se the blue sky and green trees. Air fresh air was imperative a true necessity for my mental stability.

“We want her. For him. She is the only female immortal in existence. They would benefit in having company that will not die.” I was beginning to like the tongue on the first guy.

“It is not my call. You will have to work it out with my superiors. It will take more than a few strings to get that blindfold off of her eyes.” He was sickenly confidant. I then heard shoes hit the laminate flooring rather fast. Air and the brushing of fabric and I noticed one of the heart beats of the three men quicken rapidly. The light flooded in and I screamed. The pain of the light was horrible I hadn’t see unnatural lighting in ages. They started to water from the pain my pupils felt like I had a stack drilled into them. I blinked rapidly and looked down to where I guessed the men stood. The guy I assumed was Léon had the gold from my blindfold in his hands he looked down at it in concern.

“Its just gold?” my counselor who was still blurry stuttered and he shuffled backwards in fright.

“Its, her, only, weakness” he spoke in fragments as he continued to scoot backward. Everything about him screamed he was terrified, all he had to do was pee his pants and he would be confirmed. Before my eyes were even remotely focused I had him pegged I lifted my chin and squinted my eyes. Léon caught it faster than I anticipated although I didn’t let it stop me from doing it.

“Nooo” Léon’s voice rang out but it was to late. The counselors heart was still beating at his feet. It bounced off the floor and sent blood splatter in all directions. The body took several seconds before it collapsed and the heart kept beating.

“Shit” the first man, sound was still my only true source of information. Bodies were still blurry. My eyes wouldn’t quite watering and without hands I couldn’t wipe them dry.

“Damn it.” Léon was big I could tell that much by his figure. He may be blurry but he was massive in size compared to the other two. I heard the hydraulics of the main door and voices started to bleed in. My mind started up again and I started to design a way to get rid of them.

“Léon take care of her” the first man was in a rush he ordered Léon to my side. Please my brain screamed at me, please don’t try and stop me I like you, you were nice, or rather intriguing. My eyes started focusing slowly and I seen his dark shadow come near.

“Listen to me…. They will not let you leave if you kill anyone else.” He was sharp and deep in tone but he was still smooth with his voice. He ripped me from the wall and laid me in his arms. The only thing I seen was his eyes, the blue was unmistakable. So rich in color I strained to get my eyes to focus. They were a deep sapphire blue an unusual shade for eyes with the middle a bright crystal sky blue. He was ripping the straight jacket from my body and every ounce of gold that was near me went flying off. By the time he had me to my bare skin I could see his face. He was stunning, sharp features he looked like he was a warrior from an ancient time. A square jaw symbol masculine and high cheek bone gave off beauty. His lips were lush and his nose was perfect at blending all of his features together. He slid out of his leather jacket and slipped it around me. My hand squeezed out of it and went to his face laying on his right cheek. He made my average to big hands look tiny. He was truly a huge man, my three fingers fit in the space between his cheek bone and just above he jaw bone. My pinky rested on the strong jaw line, my thumb rubbed his almost dimpled chin.

“Your beautiful” I spoke in Romanian and I barely noticed, it came out of my mouth with out a second thought. A small smirk crossed his face making my hand rise with the tightening of his cheek muscles.

“Thank you” he answered me in the same language seeming as natural to him as it was for me (for some odd reason). I closed my eyes they were tired from the strain and for the first time in this place I felt content. He lifted me up and carried me between his arms. I snuggled into the tight t shirt he wore and inhaled his scent. I grabbed a hold of his jacket keeping it closed around me and my other hand took a hand full of his shirt twisting it around my fist.

“Put her down this instant” the demand rattled me. A new man I presumed he had to be a sergeant or a head official. He should die too.

“We’re taking her like it or not if she stays you’ll all die.” The first guy and I opened my eyes to see him. He was short around my 5’5’’ height not at all fitting his demanding voice. He made me smile. That move had everyone around us stutter backward. My simple smile struck fear, it made me warm and tingly and yet sick. I could barely remember when my smile was welcomed and said to be able to light up a whole room, now look what it did. Léon wrapped his hand around my eyes, making it dark again. I didn’t strain I meet his touch.

“A r mâ ne t cut, Iubirea mea” he whispered to me and I did what he told me to and faded back into the peace he had unknowingly created for me. This time the darkness was not a crazed world in which I let my physicy run wild. His smell and heart beat created a whole new place. I latched on to it I could stay there for a 100 years at least. Being lost in him I forgot all about the sounds and happening of the world around us. I could have cared less about the alarms, and shouting voices that were ringing in my ears in the back of my mind. That is until I heard his voice and felt his chest expand with the air he needed to speak. His chest vibrated with the deep tone he used.

“Samantha.” I rustled around and sucked my hand under his coat. I was like a new born baby squirming around. “Samantha we need your help”. In haling I opened my eyes, he was looking down at me. His blue eyes warm and expectant. I turned my face from him and look out into the world. We were standing in front of some doors. Red flashing lights, alarms and the screaming voices came rushing back. I looked back up at him. “It needs to be unlocked” ohh so that was it. I turned back to the door and the key pad. I let my mind open and feel the door how it worked. It was electric so I had to follow the cords up to the computer. My eyes closed and my eye lids fluttered as my eyes went to a near REM state as I concentrated on opening the door. When it clicked open Léon was quick to assist them as best he could with me in his arms. “Thank you” he said it under his breath, I mumbled an Mmhumm and cuddled back into him.

When I heard birds chirping my eyes jutted open. I was quick to squirm to my feet Léon couldn’t hold on to me. Bare foot I took my first steps out of the elevator. There was no green trees that I had coveted for so long in my brain, not even grass. I felt robbed of this moment, the damn desert. My brows creased and I wanted to blow it all up. Léon’s soft but working hands grabbed my shoulders. I hadn’t noticed his coat slip down leaving them bare a shiver went up my spine as he leaned down to my ear.

“Fresh air” I couldn’t help but be negative it had been drilled into me even if it was my own doing it was still drilled.

“Dry heat. No grass nothing green in sight.” my lip curled in anger.

“Your outside, grass and trees are merely a change in location” he took a step and waited for me to follow him. He was right I looked up into the sky at least it was blue and not red. I was free now, I had to change my thinking. To stop seeing everything as an object in which you could try a kill yourself with was hard. I was very temped by a cactus we passed. Léon kept looking at my feet and the small stones that littered the parking lot. I acted like I didn’t notice, I felt like walking and feeling. It was the touch that I was seeking. I didn’t care if it was hot pain it was something other than fabric and the sense of confinement. If took me a while to notice the change in cars it had been 2010 when I was last top side. It was now… 2218. I never dreamed I would be able to see the changes the world had made in that time. My history lessons had me remembering what was accomplished in 200 years back then.

“Is the United States still in operation or did the empire fall, like Rome, as so many presumed?” we stopped in front of what looked like a Hummer but it was unlike anything I had ever seen. Léon smiled down at me as he opened the back door of the vehicle. The small man had shed his white over coat and was now dressed in dark slack pants and a polo shirt. He answered me.

“There is much you must catch up on in this word and so much that you need to do. Relax and let it be natural after all you are still human.” he paused to wink and Léon who looked away from him. “The nation is still called USA but a lot has changed it has nearly denigrated several times and is at its most stable right now.” The man climbed into the passenger seat and I crawled into the back seat. The leather seats on my bottom were hot, I hated the heat. I swayed from side to side to try and prevent a 3rd degree burn.

Léon went around the truck and hoped into the drivers seat the engine roared. It didn’t sound like a gas or diesel and there was no way in hell it was battery operated. It sounded unlike any engine I could conjure back up into my mind. If google was still around when I got to a computer that was the first thing I was looking up. I could spend a few years in front of a computer and be all caught up on the 200 some years. Léon was an erratic driver. He was fast crisp and lethal, yet still smooth he could get any person with motion sickness to point A and B with out them really taking notice. Three thousand year would do that to a person.

“Your three thousand years old?” I hadn’t put my seat belt on and neither did he, the small man was the only one who thought it was necessary. He looked at me in the review mirror that was uniquely embedded into the windshield. That caught me off guard for several seconds.

“I’m 3,785” I let my eyes narrow and drop to the road from the mirror.

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