Printer ink salesman gets owned.

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This is an actual conversation I had with a printer ink salesman on the phone. Funny :)

Submitted: July 09, 2011

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Submitted: July 09, 2011



My conversation with a Printer Ink salesman.

by Sam Bond on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 2:11pm

Me: Hello, Bockman's Auto Care this is Sam.

Sales Dude: Is Jon around?

Me: Jon's not available is there something I can help with?

Sales Dude: Naw, that's okay I'll just call back.

Me: The best way to get Jon is via email.

Sales Dude: Jon don't talk on the phone?

Me: No. You see Jon is hard of hearing so he rarely ever talks on the phone.

He prefers emails. He's got a smart phone and a droid so he can read two

at once.

Sales Dude: Okay, I guess I can talk to you. Sam right?

Me: Yep!

Sales Dude: I spoke with Jon about your printer ink for your brother 7430 a while back.

He asked me to call when something new came out. You do still have that

Brother printer right Sam?

Me: No. We lost that in a little fire we had in the back office. We lost it all. Main

computer, computer desk, the printer and a poodle.

Sales Dude: Oh, I'm sorry about that. What did you get for a replacement printer?

Me: It's a HL-2140.

Sales Dude: That's a Brother also right?

Me: Nope, it's a Slihgling. I bought it off the internet real cheap. She works pretty good.

They make em up in Norway. I guess they don't use real power to build em either.

Some kind of wind turning power better for the earth and what not. They paint them

Red and Green very pretty like. It came with a seven year supply of Ink too.

Sales Dude: All right Sam. I'm gonna look and see if I can find something that will

work, if I do, I'll call back. Oh, sorry about the poodle.

Me: Well thanks a lot for that. She meant an awful lot to us around here. She was the

owner's wife's poodle. Cute little white curly hair, always had pink bow round her

neck and we use to call her Cream. Now we call her Crispy Cream.

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