Attempting the Balance

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A poem about accepting and dealing with extremes.

Submitted: January 03, 2010

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Submitted: January 03, 2010



Entice me with your thoughts

Let this be our eternal salvation

Lose myself in you once again

This is where the ends meet

Our beginnings are just an illusion


Let them come

They will come

Bringing promises of hate or sanctuary

But I will not waiver

This foundation will never fall

My forces will never yield

Victory is in the heart of the passive weapon

The weapon that seeks to build

But first, everything must fall



Stability Order

Separation Walls Obedience

 Suspicion Division Brainwashed Drones

Misunderstanding Disagree Stubborn

Threats Static



Hold on

Keep breathing

Surrender yourself to the moment

Immerse thoughts into this sweet sense of being

Become one with what is

Now dream of what is to come


Let go



Acceptance Compassion

Differences Compromise Understanding

Division Frustration Draining Tiresome

Boring Separated Restless

Resentful Breaking



Worth every moment

Yet so useless in the grand scheme

A risk we all must endure

Taken less by those afraid

More by those who love the pain

Humanity at its finest

A downfall of our minds

The uprising of our hearts

The end of innocence

The beginning of experience

Beauty in the chaos

The standard meaningless

This is where it all begins

The endings are just an illusion

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