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This one has a duel meaning.... one is about society, the other is about sex.

Submitted: December 22, 2009

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Submitted: December 22, 2009



Looking into windows as I stroll down the streets
Everyone just following the motions
Biological needs have become so numb
Overused, abused, almost a memory
Waiting for someone to come save them
No one came

This fickle fascination is fleeting
Overcompensating to make up for the loss of feeling
We were warned, but we never listened
Trying to be adults before we understood
Paying the price for the chemicals depleting
Waiting, pleading, desperate
No one came

Touching to sense the opposite
Finding nothing, then moving to another
With every turn we lost our ability to understand
Ran out of people to run to when we need
Diseased and left alone to our own demise
Hoping for one more chance
No one came

Left with ourselves, we try one last time
Calling out for sensation
Trying hard to bring pleasure to our souls
Waiting forever to finally feel it
No one came

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