Subconscious of God

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Darkness lingers in the subconscious of humans, but what about the subconscious of God?

Submitted: December 22, 2009

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Submitted: December 22, 2009



The cities are lying on their sides
While the sun is setting in the east.
Children are in the streets eating bullets for nutrition
Learning about the hierarchy of humanity
Through a song entitled, “I’m better than you.”
The blue grass stings my feet as I make my way to walk on water
Ah, those seas of purple to boil my skin
While the air from the south brings winds colder than the ice ages of ol’.
Drink some water to let my brain become intoxicated
The wine will sober me up when I wish to be
Not yet, choosing to remain in a state of loyalty to please my host.

Would you please, kind sir, wake up?

Little girls, eleven of age, go down on the boys for a quarter a time;
I scream out their names in fear of their demise.
They don’t seem to mind their integrity slipping away
An overseer supervised the progress of the disgusting deed.
Everyone placed in their roles from the whores to the leaders:
Computers dictating lives through logic.
Nothing I can do to change the ways of the world.
Empty shells line up in the streets to fight the powers of love,
Atheists are knocking at your door trying to convert you!
The theory of the time cube re-brainwashes children with malicious science;
All this education becomes mainstream views of society.

Would you please, kind sir, wake up?

We beat the beauty out of the stars,
Killed emotions with the knife from our textbooks,
Left bodies tied to the ground for the vultures to feast!
Blood a delicacy for the hearts consumed by evil,
Skin the main dish for those who let hate become a necessity, 
Respect for life dissolved into the passage of time. 
I attempted to invoke enlightenment to this place,
Yet the world of knowledge had already been repressed.
Memories that fade must have never taken place,
If truth is forgotten it must not exist,
This world is what is left from a new philosophy repressing the wisdom of the universe.

Would you please, kind sir, wake up?
Please, dear God, wake up!!!

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