Universal Consciousness

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This poem was written over the course of several days and, although somewhat abstract, shows a concept that can be shared by all.

Submitted: December 21, 2009

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Submitted: December 21, 2009



(i. destruction)


As the prophets set themselves up upon the mountain

They see the ships sink into the sea.

A prayer on a cloud lifted up to the heavens

Seeks nothing but visions to enslave

And as we sit and wait for answers

Life seeps into the cracks

Draining our energy as our attention is distracted

Leaving nothing but empty promises of tomorrow

And false interpretations of yesterday.


One eye to the sky and one blinded by the smoke

Silently walking on the lonely path

Being led like some child without comprehension of reality.

The hand of our destroyer gently holds our heads

A smirk adorned upon his face

As he prepares to smash our skulls into the ground

To finish devouring us of all we know of life.


I closed my eyes to see the beauty of a star

As I prepared to launch myself into it’s center

Waiting to burst with it’s beautiful light.

You asked to come and I remained silent

Leaving disappointment in your eyes

Selfishly seeking this beauty alone

Yet hopeful you will find a way to save them all.


The “visions” came in the minds of men

The “visions” suffocated the hearts of women

The seekers cried out as they were casts into the fires

Leaving the true wisdom to die for another generation.



(ii. wallowing in shadows)


Darkness loomed beneath the light

Their faces beyond stale

Their emotions beyond stoic

Ghosts descendent from light

Victims of the Elders decision to give in


All traces of enlightenment were dispersed into darkness

The prophets let their sludge consume the minds of all

Seeping within crevasses of the cracked skulls

Their “visions” the only reality reflecting from our eyes

The desire for seekers were kept in silence

Wallowing in the darkest center where shadows roamed

Places so dark that even the prophets could not find

Beyond all comprehension and understanding

Waiting to never be found


You played along for so long

The only one who knew the truth

The secrets tearing your soul apart

Sucking all the energy from your existence

You were the only one who showed signs of life

Even if it was just fading instead of maintaining

They became suspicious, but you could not run

They were everywhere as if they were the “gods” themselves


I met you one night in a dream

You resisted, knowing what I would ask

You asked again to come with me

I showed you the beauty of the star and expected you to use it wisely

You hesitated and nodded


Wisdom can come from withdraw and self destruction

‘Tis better to leave then be consumed by the darkness of shadows

When creation cannot come from obliteration


Selfish and hopeless as I, you launched yourself into the star

Bursting within it’s beautiful light

All I could do was weep and let myself fade

The last muse had left a void in the consciousness of all


‘Tis better to be consumed by shadows when there is hope

Than to be consumed by light when all is lost



(iii. void)



The light has faded

Leaving you to your own thoughts

Forced to confront your actions

You forgot that light always fades

Darkness is forever

It is the base for which illusion is created and destroyed

The backdrop of the universe

The paper in which consciousness bleeds into the fabric

To be brought to this state is to be awakened

To become pure energy is to exist freely

You never were created

You shall never be destroyed

Selfishness turns to selflessness

Individualism turns to universal collectivism

The backdrop may be the void

However, your energy is yours

Choose darkness

Choose gray

Choose light

You may be a spark in the universal consciousness



(iv. rattled)


Nothing and everything all at once

Keeping within our constraint of eternal time

Daring not to reach out of our perceived boundaries

We wait, but do not act

We think, but do not speak

We desire, but do not pursue

Scared of the lines drawn by the prophets

The Elders weeping in knowledge, but silent in voice

Without guidance, we wait

But for what, we cannot know


We heard a noise rumbling from the other side of the wall

The noise sparked our fears and rattled our imaginations

Such a noise had never been heard by this generation,

Only generations of the past; long forgotten

The prophets panicked and demanded we cover our ears

And so we did


We saw a light shimmering through the blackened sky

Penetrating through the blackened ceiling with such precision

Such a light had never need seen by this generation,

Only generations of the past; long forgotten

The prophets cried out for us to cover our eyes

It was too late for them; we were already covering our ears

Dreaming within our minds

Shaking within our hearts

Awakened in our souls

Crying outward for the first time


The prophets placed themselves upon the mountain

Blinded us with their illusion once again

Covering the light with the familiar blackened ceiling

The dead, darkness that constrained us all

Demanding we never again seek what we saw in the light

Threatening absolute destruction to wondering minds

Out of fear, we complied with their orders

However, the spark had blurred their illusions

We glimpsed upon Truth



(v. gathering)


Our glances to one another told the story

It was time to emerge as one

It was time to embrace the power that connected us all

We need not speak

We need only to believe and understand

Slight faith from all can overcome even total faith in just one

When all contribute to the cause, we overcome the illusion


You were the light

Brighter than the stars themselves

On a backdrop of the void

Taken wisdom from the Elders of old

Knowledge cannot be destroyed; only re-discovered

Truth always remains in the fabric of our universe

Negation a tool to find some solidity in this world of deception


In a moment, a simple, quiet moment; we all stopped

We looked upon the prophets and focused our attention on Truth

One by one, they began to fade away

Screaming in agony as their existence was shattered

They were being torn apart from the very core of their existence

Their dust fell over us all, so consuming, attempting to suffocate our efforts

The last gasp of life, the last effort to keep control


We began to buckle at our knees, but we did not notice

We were chocking on their death, but we did not waiver

Even as we lost consciousness, we kept our focus on Truth

As one we fought

As one we fell

As one we all lay there motionless

Buried by our victory

With the memories of what we let befall our kind

With the ashes of the illusion

With the chance to finally break free.

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