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Something I wrote on Good Friday

Submitted: April 18, 2010

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Submitted: April 18, 2010



In front of me, I saw the Divine: tired and downtrodden by the transgressions of humanity.  Sluggishly, He sought to find that which was lost when we forgot to fall down and worship at His feet.  Desperate for love and comfort in our admiration, He trudged on in a linear motion thorough His own construct of time, hoping that He would find someone left to gaze upon His presence and raise their hands in sweet admiration.  I felt pity for this creature and brushed the wind in front of me in an attempt to show compassion.  The Divine softly smiled for a moment, His dim eyes showing a glimmer of thanks.  Then, almost as quickly as this sign of appreciation was shown, it faded. I was taken aback at how little my efforts to connect with the Creator were shrugged off and quickly snapped at His lack of appreciation.  It occurred to me in this instant; struck me like the epiphany that overcame Archimedes, leaving my soul naked to absorb the truth that surrendered itself to my mind: one of these days, God is going to grow tired of my existence on this Earth.  I just hope that He is there to greet me in that moment instead of growing tired of me in any sense, leaving my energy to wander aimlessly amongst the universe until the day He so chooses to erase it all with a single thought of destruction and absolute nothingness.

…and so it ends as it all began…

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