Money Mania

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A great Scientist.... great invention.... thirst for money....

Submitted: March 11, 2010

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Submitted: March 11, 2010




Mr. Antonio– Scientist Helen– wife of the scientist Brutus- Merchant Police officer Narrator

Mr. Antonio – Helen hurry up and came here… you should really see what I found out!!!

Helen – Oh! What is it Antonio I’m very busy today (While she was talking she came into the room, and she shouted out very surprisingly) Where are you? I don’t have time to play with you … can you come out without bothering me so much!

Mr. Antonio – Oh Helen dear can’t you see me, then it’s not so surprising because that’s what I want you to see… it the portion that I found out very recently.

Helen – don’t tell me you are invisible!

Mr. Antonio – ok if you don’t believe look at this white cupboard you will see my shadow and in another 5minites you will see me but don’t shout because it’s still a secret.

Helen – Oh! My how did you do that? You are completely invisible but I can see your shadow... We’ll be rich!!!

Mr. Antonio – yes my dear but we have a problem with money, we need money to make this portion but we really don’t have money isn’t it dear?

Helen – we can lend money from Brutus; he is a merchant

Mr. Antonio – yes he is a merchant but not a good merchant; can’t you remember we have already lent so much of money from him and he is a very stingy person who will never let us have money for a good work.

Helen – do you have any portion left so we can get use of them to find some money!

Mr. Antonio – it’s not a bad thing to get money foe a good work from a person, who has lot of money, isn’t it my dear?

Helen – you mean stealing? But... but… if we get caught it will be very bad thing “scientist is stealing” this will be the headline of the papers

Mr. Antonio – don’t worry my dear I have very little amount of portion left, I will be invisible and no one will finds out and I will be making the portion and selling it to a rich country

Helen – I don’t know about this it’s your wish!

Narrator – whole day Mr. Antonio and Helen was talking about the conspiracy to steal money they discuss a lot and came o a decision not to take any body else in this plot and to get in to Brutus’ house next night. (Next day evening and it’s the night that they are going to rob the house)

Helen – I feel scared! If something goes wrong I don’t know I’m so weak; my heart is so weak just like a normal woman. Mr. Antonio – but you are not an ordinary woman you a wife of a great scientist, you have to be more powerful and brave, we are going to be richer and richer. Oh this is what I was waiting for money and the name “Great Professor”

Narrator – the great scientist was money minded person who didn’t think that he can get some money from the government so he can finish his work, but he wanted more money and didn’t want to tell the government so he can sell this to some other country for more valuable price. Unfortunate scientist he had only one tablet of visible medicine. He went to the robbery carrying the tablet and he lost it without his knowledge. He came home without money.

Brutus – thief..! Thief..! Someone help!!! (People gathered around Brutus’ house; Mr. Antonio somehow escapes without money)

Helen – why? Where is the money and what happen? Why aren’t you still visible?

Mr. Antonio – I took a brief case full of money but when I was going to close the locker accidentally I my hand knocked on a flowerpot and it felt with a big noise… Brutus came into the room and he saw that the locker is open and he started shouting oh my! What a scary moment I left the brief case and ran away…!

Helen – now just forget about that and why you are not visible still take your visible tablet and we’ll some how come across a way to find money.

Mr. Antonio – that’s the worse part you no that I had only one tablet of visible when that incident was going on I think I have lost the tablet I won’t be able to become visible again until I die.

Helen – don’t bother about that we’ll make new tablet!!!

Mr. Antonio – Oh! No I can’t, I can’t make it again because I need that tablet to get the correct amounts of ingredients, if it’s more than I had to use I will die. (Knock! Knock! On the door)

Helen – how is this?

Person at the door – I’m a police officer! Please open the door I need to know some thing..! (Helen opens the door)

Police officer – there had been a robbery in Mr. Brutus’ house I would like to know whether you heard anything?

Helen – me no! No! I didn’t hear any thing… I was really… really... was in a fast sleep and… and... I’m having an ear problem I can’t hear much!

Police officer – I would like to talk with Professor Antonio, maybe he must have heard something?

Helen – actually he is not at home, he went meet one of his old buddies he won’t be coming back till next week

Police officer – oh! I’m so sorry for disturbing you! And I think I heard a voice of a gentleman..? Oh never mind Mrs. Antonio I must have heard some thing else..! (Policeman leaves Helen and she locks the door and turn to find where Mr. Antonio is)

Helen – where are you Antonio! Now what are we going to do

Mr. Antonio – Helen dear don’t bother about me after this you have more than enough money to spend in my bank account and there is no use of living because no one can’t see me or feel me and I’m just a wind or like a air now… I’m going my dear…

Helen – what are you talking about?

Mr. Antonio – I… drank the… whole bottle, of poison I... I... am dieing now dieing…. God bye my… dear and…. never ever go behind… the money; tell this to my children…

Narrator – this is what happened to the money minded scientist, he was able to get money from the government and get on with his work but he didn’t do that because he wanted to sell the portion to some other country where he can get a big profit and this was the unfortunate ending of another money minded scientist…



© Copyright 2020 Samadhie Bandara. All rights reserved.

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