Having Faith While walking Down Memory lane

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A bunch of thoughts rambling together, coming out to be a moral story about Faith

Submitted: April 10, 2013

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Submitted: April 10, 2013




Some of the things I used to see that brought happiness in my life have vanished, or are obscured by depression, so they stay open to avoid over-dreaming the memories from existence. But I remember, I remember it as clear as still water. I could never forget, and perhaps thats where my problems began. The fact that the memories were made is beyond my control. But when the memory train come to its final stop, and nothing more can be created after that, I start trying to remember how great everything was compared to how horrible I feel now that they are no longer here. I never knew how dark and frightening it can be to walk down Memory Lane until now. Whenever I do walk down Memory Lane, remembering, It’s impossible to function. You’re just remembering so much all at once, all the memories are coming at you from different angles and directions and you’re just looking, and feeling what you felt when each thing happened trying to grasp it so that it doesn’t ever leave, but it’s so painful that you keep dropping each one. Dropping one only brings another, and dropping that one only brings another, and so forth. Memory Lane, when depressed, is like a torture chamber in the mind, which is why I sit here trying not to be face to face with my dreams and unfulfilled wishes. They’ll just make me remember, which is always the boarding pass to the infamous Memory Lane. Tears have acted as maps these days... Tear one says take a left on HeartAche Ln. From there, you will continue past That’sJustTooBad Avenue, then make a right into IWishYouWereHere Circle. You have to get out and walk across a beautiful field of wildflowers. The sun will be shining, birds will be singing, the sky will be without a cloud in the sky. This is normal, even if it was raining when you got out the car. Straight ahead you will see a straight single road, and sitting proudly at its corner is a dark sigh that says “Welcome To Memory Lane”. Seeing this should make you want to change your mind. But the road, something about it is so daring, so seducing, that you find yourself walking down Memory Lane. As you go through, you become more and more remorseful as it replays the memories of heartbreaks, vivid scenes of painful funerals, all kinds of things you never thought you’d ever have to deal with again because you successfully locked it in a black box. Now here they are, attacking you. I wish I could tell you that at the end of all of this, there is a positive gain. Well, dreams come true, and dreams are very much so real. Eventually, Memory Lane will have damaged you, broken you, and perhaps put you in a dark place for a while, but Memory Lane is simply just a test of your faith, and if you pass, well boy do I have news for you! Things WILL get DRASTICALLY BRIGHT. You may even just look around and say “Whoa”. Everything will begin to just work itself out. I know you’re probably thinking “Sure, yeah right” but I tell you this; a very POWERFUL, BRILLIANT, MIGHTY, PURE man told me that everything will be alright, and if HE says everything will be alright, then what he said, is SO. 

Though I am not as well as I am when things are great, knowing that HE said things will be alright makes me feel a trillion times better. I could see the light piercing into the darkness as he spoke the words into my knowledge. I could feel my chest loosening up, a burden being lifted right before my eyes. The meadow of wildflowers was a reminder that things were bright before walking down Memory Lane, and the fact that Memory Lane is not an eternal journey should remind you that coming out of a dark place IS possible. Remember to always have faith when going down dark roads because then, nothing can hurt you without going through MIGHTY man because when no one else loves you, HE does. As you walked through Memory Lane, HE held your hand. The reminder the meadow should have gave you was a little something he did to show that he is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE, and that all things are possible through him. Never forget him when things get dark because he glows for you, if you let him......

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