Now or Never

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Linsay has always had a crush on this guy at school, when he finally gives her the time of day, things suddenly are not the paradise she had hoped for.

Submitted: February 06, 2016

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Submitted: February 06, 2016



It all felt like a nightmare, one you never seem to wake up from. Yet here I was standing with a cliff at my back, and a monstrous version of death standing in front of me, with teeth and claws to match the ravenous glint in its eyes. Lightning flashed behind the creature as it inched closer, sealing my fate. As I fought the fear inside me, surrounded by pouring rain, howling wind, and the slim odds of my survival, I couldn't help but think this started out as a typical sunny day.

I was stood at my locker sorting out which books needed to go home for the weekend. When all of a sudden I heard his voice, a deep husky voice that any girl could fawn over. "Hey, Linsay." Just a simple statement, a greeting, yet it still caused my heart to stop beating. That sweet as honey voice said my name! Glancing up to look at the face that owned the cause of my twitterpated moment, I gazed into perfection. His green eyes were artwork, his chiseled features made him look more like a statue dedicated to the likeness of a god.

Catching myself and pulling back to reality, I realized he was waiting for a response. His eyes, those beautiful green eyes, watched me closely. "I asked, what you're plans are this weekend?" He leaned casually against the locker next to mine. Despite my lack of participation, he continued to speak. Each word sounded like music. "Party this weekend, would you like to go with me?" Frozen in place, and jaw hinged shut, I meagerly nodded my answer. Satisfied with my reply he smiled, slightly crooked, showing his beautiful white teeth. "I'll text you the details later." He then took off down the hall.

I watched his muscular figure disappear around the corner before I could bring myself to move. A silly smile spread across my face as reality sunk in. I was to be seen at a party, with the most amazingly perfect guy in school. How lucky could a girl get? Walking home, nothing could dampen my mood. Not the darkening clouds, not the angry shouts of the bickering neighbors, the caution tape circled around the park trees, even the weight of my bag and the amount of homework inside.

The afternoon went by in a blur as I floated around the house imagining the muted and shocked whispers among my peers on Monday. The only thing that had caught my attention was the ring of my cellphone. It felt glued to my hand since school with the impending news of my desires contacting me. New elation rose as I read, "eleven tonight cedar park follow the trail behind the yellow tape tell no one" I had a time and place, but wait. Tell no one? Didn't that go against every lesson I had ever been taught? Was I not supposed to relay my whereabouts to my parents? To keep myself safe and away from danger? But he had specifically asked for secrecy, why?

Whom to defy? My angel? My family? The trouble I would be in if I was caught. My mother would never let me see the light of day again if she knew I slipped away for just a moment to see a boy. Yet he wasn't just any boy, he was the god who brought that sweet delicious sunshine every moment. Surely one moment with him could out weigh any punishment she would inflict upon me.

The battle that took place inside was heart wrenching. It took my appetite, and ground never ceasing pains into my head. I watched each moment agonizingly tick by. Even after I had slipped out the back door, I could not shake the idea of turning around and staying in the warm embrace of home. Regretting not grabbing an umbrella. I shivered as the unseasonably cold wind whipped through me. Still I pressed on.

Following his directions, I quickly located the path. Yellow police tape barricaded the entrance yet not enough to keep me away. Stumbling, I followed the path into the trees lit by broken pieces of moonlight alone. New worry set in as I was unable to locate anyone, or any resemblance of a party. let alone the one I truly wanted to find. I gave a call, for direction to a resemblance of safety. All that answered me was a growl.

At first, I was unable to locate its source. Then only out of the corner of my eye could I locate a black shadow. Fear gripped my chest as a blood curdling scream ripped through me. With fight or flight kicking in, running took a hold with the creature following suit. Branches, rocks, thorns, the woods seemed to wish that I be caught. Fumbling into a clearing, I found myself cornered by the river toppling over the cliff to the black unknown below as the storm finally broke open with a stroke of lightning. On cue, my assailant stepped into the clearing. It was non human, resembling no recognizable beast. Yet it seemed so familiar. The eyes, those beautiful eyes, I should have known!

Months ago flashed in my mind as I recalled why the tape was in place. My angel was none other than death, luring innocents out to greet him in the night to never return. Victim upon victim had fallen pray to his trap leaving nothing but footprints to show where they had been. Thinking fast as time was short, a sudden defiance swelled inside, I was not to be another number taken by this cruel beast. As he moved in for his prize, he cooed in an eerie tone for my compliance. My thoughts went to jumping off the cliff and into the unknown swirling darkness below. Knowing this would get me as far away as quickly as possible I poised to jump. Praying for the best outcome. It was now or never.

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