All of My Problems

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Samantha has a friend and she gets lost at school after something terrible happens. She wonders what happens with her friend and is worried sick.

Submitted: February 24, 2015

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Submitted: February 24, 2015



I was making my way to my dad’s room. The last time I did this I was seven but this was an emergency. 

“Are you okay? What happened!” he looked so tired. I bet he just got home, he still smelled like soap from his shower.

“Sorry...I had a horrible nightmare… Susi was gone,” I felt so embarrassed. My cheeks flushed.

“Oh,ok do you want to sleep in my room tonight,” he looked relieved but tired.

“I can sleep on the ground?” I mumbled.

I really felt bad. He had two jobs and he went to college. Dad was always worried about me, I was his “baby” girl. I had five younger brothers.

“No, that is alright I will sleep in your bed,” That night I knew I would not sleep, but the second my head hit the pillow I was out.

* * *

“Rise and shine, honey,” Mom said she always turned on all of the lights in the room and gave me a kiss on my cheek to wake me up, then if I do not wake up she pours water on my face.

When I got to school it felt all different. I was putting my stuff in my locker and I saw streaks of red paint on the cream white walls. Suddenly Susi came to me with a look of puzzlement on her face.

“You have to see this,” she said pulling me. There was something in her voice, it sounded urgent and scared. I opened my mouth to argue but nothing came out.

I followed her. It seemed that everyone was rushing in the same direction. I almost screamed when I saw it. There was a lifeless, little girl on the ground. She looked about six or seven, but I did not recognize her. At the end of the hall someone screamed. All heads turned in that direction. There was a man covered in tattoos and piercings, pulling a teacher, in a harsh way. This made everyone scream and run in different directions. It was total chaos. After a minute I realized that Susi was gone.

I was freaking out. Four of my brothers were somewhere in the school and I just lost my best friend. Someone slammed into me and I realized it was Kyle my eight year old brother.

“Kyle! Stay with me!!” his cheeks were wet with tears. He must have been traumatised. I was on the verge of crying too.

“Shhh. It’s ok. Where are your brothers?” I tried to sound calm and brave. I don’t know if that helped but he let out a breath, I did not know he was holding.

“They’re in the boys bathroom,” he sounded less terrified.

“Hurry come with me!” I pulled him into the bathroom.

“Boys! Alen, John, Dilan,” I became panicky, they were not answering.

I checked in all of the stalls, they still were not there. Then I felt a hot breath on the back of my neck. Someone was behind me and it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I whirled around to see all of the boys crying. I was so focused on the boys, seeing how scared they were, I actually started to cry.  

Great this is just what I need. I was about to scream from frustration, when my dad burst through the door. That’s right, my dad’s a cop.

Dad had a gun in his hand, and some other police were behind him checking to see if everything was okay.

“Thanks dad,” I said while hugging him tightly.

“Come on get in the car we are taking you home,” he said hoarsely. Thank goodness.

We were almost in the car when I remembered, Susi.

“Dad! Susi is in there,” my voice was pleading with him.

“Sorry sweetheart we have to get you out of here ASAP,” he said with determination in his voice.

He got us into the SWAT car, and we drove away hastily.

* * *

When we got home my mom almost had a heart attack. First she checked my brothers in all places, and I mean all places, for wounds then she checked me.

“Are you okay?” mom said checking us from head to toe. I think that she over reacts a lot but this isn’t way over reacting. We could have died.

“I’m ok mom. I promise”

I am okay physically, but I am SO worried about Susi. She does not need to know that. Lucas my littlest brother came rushing in and gave me a hug. I was almost positive he did not know what happened, he was just happy that we were home before school ended. That night I could not stop thinking about Susi. Is she safe? I don’t know! And one more problem to add to all of my others, the play that I was in was canceled. I was the main character and we’ve been practicing for weeks and it was canceled! Uh!! I really wanted to sleep away my problems. I can not go to school for three weeks, they might change it to two weeks if everything goes well. I will be able to do the play if it is two weeks.


The next morning Lucas pounced on me. It was not the cute, cuddly type of pounce, it was the thousand pound pounce.

“Wayya!” I was dreaming that I was at the school, beating up bad guys and I smacked Lucas in the shoulder pretty hard. Then he started crying.

“It’s okay… What were you doing,” Lucas looked like he was taken back.

“I wanted to tell you something,” he looked so cute and innocent.

“What did you want to tell me,” I came off a little harsh, but now he would tell me.

“Never mind, Kyle can tell you,” man that little boy knows how to get out of trouble. A minute later Kyle came skipping in with a smile on his face.

“Sam, did you know what you did really well at school yesterday,” I was beginning to wonder where this was going.

“I think I aced my math test,” Kyle looked confused and I remembered that he never had a thing for sarcasm.

“No. You were like a torch in a dark hallway,” aww my second favorite brother was so cute. He thought I was brave.

“Really you are the second most brave person I know, dad is the first,” he thought I was almost as brave as dad. Wow.

“Really? That is so sweet,” I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he screamed and ran away. Then mom came in.

“Hey sweetie is something bothering you,” she had that tone in her voice that tells me she knows something I didn’t tell her.

“No I am fine. Why would you think that,” I was gaining suspicion about what she knew.

“Well, how is Susi,” she sounded innocent. No, I knew she knew.

“I am so worried about her I lost her in the crowd and then I could not find her and she hasn’t texted me or even called me since,” I lost it, I was crying.

“I had no idea! Why didn’t you tell me,” oops I think I just told her my secret.

“Mom I have a play that just got cancelled, and I do not know what to do.”

“It’s okay so you want me to bring you lunch?” she said patting my back to calm me.

I nodded.

In the time I had alone to think, I thought about the worse case scenario: Susi is gone and I can not do the play. Then there was the best case scenario: Susi is fine and the play is put back on. But I would be happy if Susi is fine and the play is cancelled. When mom showed up for dinner I masked it so well she thought I was playing games with her.

* * *

That was my life for about a week when I found out we could have the play if we find a theater that was big enough. They even said it could be any day of the following week. I asked my mom if she could book a place and she really tried. Meanwhile I contacted everyone and asked them to look for a theater.

Things all came down to the last day when Pennie came over and told me she had a place. When she said that I practically flew I was so happy. The only downside is that the play was tomorrow. That meant we only had a day to prepare. It was a rush we got the costumes, put up posters, practiced, and put up set and I was totally keeping my cool.

* * *

When I was getting ready to go on stage mom came rushing to me.

“Honey I have really bad news…” she trailed off.

“Well if it is that bad don’t tell me. I am going on stage in five.”

“Its about your friend Susi,” I stopped doing everything. Even breathing.

“What do you mean. Is she okay? Where is she? Tell me everything,” I was practically screaming.

“I’m sorry honey… She is injured, pretty badly,” I felt dizzy. It became hard to breathe. My head was swirling. Why her?

“That is your que. Break a leg,” mom said enthusiastically.

The second that I stepped on stage I decided I would not act because I was already brave. And when I got on stage there she was, sitting in the third row with a broken leg.


© Copyright 2020 Samantha17. All rights reserved.

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