I am Sorry :'[

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Sigh* I am sorry for it. I am already mad at meh self... so dont be mad too.

Submitted: June 25, 2009

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Submitted: June 25, 2009



I am Sorry

By : Samantha Hopkins


i am sorry for the cutting

for the scratching

for the nail biting

for the scratches on meh thigh

im sorry for the depression I have been through

If only you knew.......

Been through Pain and suffering

Even for things

that doesnt mean anything

I have been through Pain and suffering

even for things

that doesnt make any sense

things that i would cut for

Things that isnt worth

but seem to..

get the best of me


i am Sorry for the worries I put you through

I try stopping

its addicting

The cutting

The scratching

The Nail biting

and the thigh scratching

I am Sorry

I am my own girl

I know what I am doing

Wiether you understand or not

I know what I have got

it seems to help in ways...

that you wouldnt understand

how it could possibly help

Oh wellz

I am going to continue

but I want to say

I am Sorry :(

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