Long Nights

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A girl walks to seven eleven drunk after a long night of partying. Her small trip to the store turns deadly when two robbers enter the store.

So add any comments about how I can make this better, thanks :)
Should I leave in the bits and pieces about Tom?

Submitted: September 26, 2013

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Submitted: September 26, 2013



It’s three o’clock in the morning, and Tom won’t be home until six. My head is warm and swarming, and my walking affected by alcohol. I’m in desperate need of an aspirin, water, and something to eat. Luckily there is a seven-eleven that stays open 24 hours in my neighborhood.


Walking into the store the sound of my heels clacking against the floor followed me in.  I sluggishly walked toward the counter and slurred words came out of my mouth. The man at the counter smiled and said, “ Have you had a little to much to drink honey.” The only response I could give him was a nod.  He pointed to the back of the store at the water bottles, and I marched my way in his pointed direction.


I made it to the refrigerators holding my vaccine, and choose arrowhead to be my savior.  Step one done, the next thing I need is food. I was making my way to the chip section, when the sound of hurried footsteps entered the door. Two men dressed in all black and facemasks entered the store. Oh shit I thought, this cannot be happening. I’m drunk and wearing heels, this has to be the worst time to go through this. The cashier and I made eye contact, and I slowly sank down to the floor. I made sure to mask the sound of my heels, and then hid behind a chip rack. The sound of my heart pounded all throughout my body, and my drunken state seemed to intensify. Thoughts began to clash in my head, the most repeated thought  “ Will I make it through this?” Tears fell from my eyes, peeling off the layers of my painted face.


The two men shouted out words “ Open the register, give us everything you have, we are going to shoot you.”  Usually in a setting like this I would be calmer, but my drunken state had made me more emotional. I held my hand to my mouth trying to muffle my quiet sobbing. I’m sure the faint sounds of my cry were still getting through to the open air, but the ruckus the two robbers were making masked its sound.


I heard a Ching, and the sound of a cash register drawer opening. Next came the sound of the shuffling of money, hurried breath, and the knocking over of a person. I dared to sneak a peak, and found the cashier cowering besides the cash register.  “ Just take everything, please don’t hurt me,” he whimpered.


We were probably thinking the same thing right now, and regretting our choices. Him regretting to take this shift, and me deciding to walk to 7-11 drunk and alone at this time of night.  All of a sudden the need to feel like a super hero entered my body, and suppressed some of my emotions. Rationality came over me and I took out my phone. Or I guess you could call it un-rational, whichever. First I dialed 911, and then hung up. Next I turned on my cam recorder, and aimed it toward the front of the store. I was hoping to get a video of the scene, and maybe a face of one of the robbers.


Please don’t let them see me. Why am I doing this? The thoughts rammed into my skull, making my hands shake. I pulled back my phone, and my tears began to fall again. All I could do was wait.


There was the sound of:  a bag being zipped, voices screaming loud threatening things, and hurried footsteps leaving the store. I sat behind the chip stand for a couple more minutes before I decided to show my face. I stood up and was greeted with a shout from the cashier. He forgot I was in the store.


We both had terrified looks on our faces. I decided to wait with him until the police came.  Living through this moment, I vow to myself that I will never drink again. Tom would be so proud of me. 

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