Never be one of them/ Already one of us

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A conversation happening between celestial beings. two parents form one side of the conversation, while the child forms the other part of the conversation.

Submitted: May 01, 2014

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Submitted: May 01, 2014



Allow me to explain it all to you, since it seems at this point in time, your processing capabilities seem to be fading to the point where even now you struggle to comprehend the words as they cross 
from the tip of my lips slicing through the air, pulling away every bit of oxygen from reaching your lungs like a vacuum, until the words pass through your ear, setting aflame all the cilia inside, 
and reaching the brain where it implodes as you begin to believe the fact held behind two miniscule words with the ability to shatter every dream you ever had; You. Can't.


I never believed in the concept of being chained to a fate, especially not one grafted onto me by the entire family, all of which project an image of themselves as a mother accepting her child with 
arms wide open, an ever lasting glow radiating from her wings in a manner that can only ever be described as caring. But as I grew older, that glow had become blinding, the arms were crossed, and 
a darkness ensued the image of a caring mother, with wings that once looked so angelic.... now so demonic. Whatever the circumstances, i refuse to believe in the impossible and should I have to 
face the forces of Heaven and Hell, i shall do so with the single thought in my mind being: I. Can.


Honestly, do you even believe in me? Or is it too much to ask for a single opportunity to show you that this is all i ever wanted to do, though what difference does it make to me? whether or not i 
have your acceptance is but a minor issue to me family. I was granted a specific characteristic at birth which set me apart from the rest of humanity, one which Heaven or Hell or even purgatory 
has given me, and should it eventually turn out to be a curse, than allow myself to be damned with it. It still matters not, I will still reign supreme over Hell if that's the case, but i shall not 
stand by as this gift within me just fades away in exchange for security of the future. I will never stop. I will never give up.


It's not because we don't believe in you, for if only you knew how much we've gone through crossing from Hell to Heaven and back in order to get you to where you are now. It's not because you don't 
have what it takes, for as much as we dislike the idea of you following your dreams... in fact, it's not even that child, it's where you see yourself in your dreams, and the fact that you are unable 
to see that that is all they will ever be; just dreams. Should you just take the ear plugs off and listen to us, for we have been in your place as well. And we tried. But thankfully our parents saved us 
before it was completely too late, so allow us to do the same for you now. All that you must do is simple. Give up


One of these days, You'll learn. If we could reverse time, we would not change a single thing, and do you understand why? Because we knew that was what was for the best. We also had that gift, 
but we gave it up child so that one day you can look at the sky and feel the warmth of the rays of the sun with hopes of a good future. You will understand when you become like us, and only then 
will you too give up the gift of freedom.


If one gives up their gift so that their children's future is secure, then why bother living at all, if all humanity will do is just protecting their young without ever being able to live their 
lives. If one is foolish enough to use his freedom to listen to his parents, follow the flow, forever remain till the rest of his life just as boring as the rest of humanity when greatness can 
be achieved, living day in day out performing tasks that are despising to the person and torture to the human soul as the gift decays away, then one is simply undeserving of the gift of freedom


They just don't get it.

He simply doesn't seem to understand.

If only they can see through my eyes.

If only he could see through our eyes.

And they say I will be one of them one day.

And he says he will never be like us.



I will never be like them.

He is already one of us.






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