At the Deadly Feast

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For Forbidden's Seven Deadly Sins challenge. The sin here is gluttony, hope you enjoy!

Submitted: June 26, 2010

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Submitted: June 26, 2010



My slender arm slowly slid

The golden door ajar.

Into the room, my body did

Befall a dream bizarre


Standing there in blinding light

Before me such a lavish sight

A table stocked to Heaven’s height

Of earthly foods, the world’s delight


Figs and fruit, bright and lush

Bamboo shoot, a foreign dish

Spicy meats, stuffed a-gush

Entrée fleets of zesty fish


A banquet set for thousands’ tongues

And yet, mine were the only lungs

To breath the air around the meal

Mine the eyes a sight to steal


As I gazed the hundred feet

Of flavoured food and fodder

I noted not that by each seat

There was a feat much odder


And when it captured my slow sight,

I nearly turned and fled away

To see that bodies, thin and light

Dead in their chairs, quietly lay


Unknowing why they looked so grim,

Starved to death, it seemed

My foremost thought, my strongest whim:

To feast now as they dreamed


I hazarded a smallish stride

While wondering, how could I hide

Some samples of the feast outside?

And still I could not near decide


And then I saw up on the wall

A huge, black bag, with plastic shine

I could then take a portion small

Within that bag as mine


I took the bag up to the meat,

Filled it with a lean, fine cut

Then for fruits and things more sweet

Tarts and pies of caramel nut


But when I found I’d reached the end

My sac was only filled halfway

And even now I don’t defend

That I chose more, not less, to sleigh


I made round a second trip,

Into the bag, much more did slip

Passing by the other side

Not a single food could hide


And this time, at the table’s end

I found it hard to pull the bag

Every little grape did lend

Just more weight I couldn’t drag


So I took a simple rest

In a vacant, golden throne

And again my eyes could test

Those who left me not alone


The thin, frail bones so clearly seen

Their muscles gone, their faces lean

I did not know what it could mean

And then I saw a blackish sheen


On the far side of the man

Now sitting to the right of me

A black tuft, crinkled in his hand

I could to see it, finally


Standing up, I left the chair

Walking back, I left the sac

Out the door, I left it there

In the street, I wont go back

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