Beast and the Beauty

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A retelling of the age-old tale, the tale as old as time, as we have come to know it. Upon different words and a different path, may this recaptured tale shed on you a different light than other versions and copies - it may not be brighter or stronger or better, but at the least it may be a different colour.

Table of Contents

Enter the heroine - Roselynn, playing our "Beauty" - and her two sisters as they worry at home, for their father has seemingly disappeared. Read Chapter

A peek into Roselynn, Meghan, and Shaelynn's world while their father is gone. We meet Roselynn's admirer, whom she fancies not, and learn more of her character as well as her sisters'. Read Chapter

Roselynn and her sisters have still not seen their father, and their fret is augmented by Philippe's lonely return. Roselynn resolves to leave immediately but is stopped by her sister, Meghan.
We find that, two days before, Axl was safe and sound but mysteriously taking residence at the enormous castle he had found upon his first night gone. Among other mysterious happenings, he cannot find the castle's owner and decides to search out a dress, a necklace, and a rose at the marketplace.

Will accept suggestions for chapter title, constructive criticism, and other help gladly (hint hint, haha) Read Chapter

When Axl returned from the marketplace, he found again that the master of the house was absent. In the parish, he had bought an elabora... Read Chapter

Blindness. This was the sense, or the absence of such, that came upon Roselynn as she fled. Darkness surrounded her, swallowed her. And... Read Chapter

Allowing her breath to seep in and out quietly, the girl hardly dared move. So silent and unmoving had she been for the past half hour th... Read Chapter

As Roselynn walked alongside Philippe (she was glad to have the horse between her and Roth, who was on Philippe’s right) her tears sl... Read Chapter

Axl was still in the prison after another day of lonesome nothingness. He had luckily received, from that strange and angry man again, a ... Read Chapter

As that oh-so-strange stranger sat down in his warm plush chair by the burning fire downstairs, he smiled mildly to himself. Not a happy ... Read Chapter

Roselynn had spent all of three days in that dreadful prison, squandering most of her time in conversation with her small teacup friend. ... Read Chapter

“You may use these chambers to prepare yourself for dinner,” offered the same man that night, controlling his tone very deliberately.... Read Chapter

Before dawn, which took its place near 5:30, Roselynn was dressed and seated on the bed in her chamber, gazing romantically out her bedro... Read Chapter

Roselynn and Chip’s plans were somewhat cut short. This was Roselynn’s thirtieth day living in the expansive chateau and the wearied ... Read Chapter

The next day Roselynn took Chip out again to feed the birds and was relieved that the Master did not accompany them this time. She wanted... Read Chapter

The room was dark and unlit, not a sound could be heard. Neither the soft, whispered breath of sleeping mice nor the heavy, grunting snor... Read Chapter

All but the trees and air was still, the sliver of moon suspended in glittering cobalt and a soft breeze caressing the fields and brush w... Read Chapter

When Chip awoke the next morning there was much fuss about the strange noises of the previous night. He had spent a perfectly miserable t... Read Chapter

“Well, what do you think we ought to do, then?” Karol, Meghan’s husband, gave with acute impatience as he set his cup down with an ... Read Chapter

Though few things were agreed upon between Roselynn and the Master, these two were most discouragingly among them: the great armchair in ... Read Chapter

Roselynn read for nearly two hours and was given the rest of that day for herself. She and the Master didn’t dine until 7:30, when he r... Read Chapter

“So, could you explain what our plan is again?” Chip shouted a bit loudly to Roselynn, a couple metres further down the hall, as he s... Read Chapter

As Roselynn’s eyes were tightly closed, a thousand unnerving thoughts pounded behind the lids, tempting to pry them open again. Sleep u... Read Chapter

Roselynn and Chip spent their time in much the same way as before, slowly drifting back into their quotidian cycles. Roselynn found the c... Read Chapter

Despite her apparent nerve, Roselynn did not ask the Master of the Beast a long while. Instead, she first busied herself by asking every ... Read Chapter

Roselynn loved the winter in the way that cats are fascinated with water. They enjoy looking at it for hours, but never want to be in it.... Read Chapter

Dear Papa, Meghan and Karol and your sons, Shaelynn and Aalwijn I cannot decide how to begin this letter, because the words that flow... Read Chapter

“What sort do you suppose he be?” The boy manoeuvred himself around, hoping for a better look over the shoulder of his kneeling broth... Read Chapter

Normal 0 “Good morning!” Roselynn crawled out emphatically from the thick covers on her bed, sitting up. Her two roommates mumble... Read Chapter

“Why must we stop in each town, Axl?” Runo asked his elder as they walked into another sparse village. Neither rode Dzandthea then, b... Read Chapter

“…Only to one throne we sing…” Baltin knelt on one knee in the wide cathedral, his face cast down to the polished marble floo... Read Chapter

Axl held Dzandthea’s reign increasingly tighter and tensed his leg muscles, inadvertently telling the horse to collect her gait. She wa... Read Chapter

***Author's Note: So, you can all forget about that nasty threat I sent out. Beast and the Beauty will continue to be posted on Booksie. ... Read Chapter

“I don’t see why we can’t attack straight away.” Aalwijn stood above the rough table, firelight crackling behind him and a group ... Read Chapter

Winter was a dull time at the castle, without much more to be done but sit and watch the snow fall forever. Roselynn sat one day in her b... Read Chapter