C'est l'Amour (I'ts Love)

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I was experimenting with romance, seeing as I am terrible at writing it and thought that if I'm ever to finish writing my Beauty and the Beast novel, I'm going to have to figure it out! So, I wrote this song about the City of Lovers (being Paris), which I personally found mostly raining and historyically fascinating, but apparently it's also romantic. Here goes...

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013



In the City

of shining Lights

Of cheese and bread

And la Tour Eiffel

And l'amour

Where the rain

Couldn't dampen

Or hamper our romance and

I keep saying

C'est l'amour


Say, "l'amour"

Oh, my love

In my ear

High above

A thousand lights a-glistening

But I'm so happy listening

To you say

"C'est l'amour"


In the shadow

Of the Sacre Coeur

Where fancy models and

Cheap wine bottles cannot deter

In the halflight

Of a streetlight

Like a spotlight

On my white knight

I say

"C'est l'amour"


Dans les bras
(In the arms)
De ton aime(e)
(Of your lover)
N'est-ce pas
(Isn't it)
C'est l'amour
(It's love)

De trouver
(To find)
Un seul bisou
(Just one kiss)
Au Champs Elysees
(On the Champs Elysees)
(Ice cream! Aha, just kidding)
N'est-ce pas vrai
(Isn't it true)
Que c'est l'amour
(That this is love)


I may not be your Mona Lisa

But maybe that's alright

Stuck in a frame and not in your arms

I'd die


Say "l'amour"

As loud as you can

If they hear us in Cannes

I'm sure they'll understand

Send us the Palm d'Or for this movie romance

And tell all the fans of l'amour across France

What we've found

It's alive

It's on fire

There's no denying

Que c'est


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