Dancing Skies

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A song of praise, beginning with creation and ending with the rapture :)

Submitted: April 21, 2013

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Submitted: April 21, 2013



(Piano intro: Merrily, quietly)

A new song ignited in my soul
Spilling words I can't control
In darkness, starless blue
Spirit, move

(piano instrumental)

Words hover clear over the dark
A single star begins to spark
Breathe your breath over my heart
The beating starts

(drums begin, brief instrumental as other instruments are added)

A new star shines brighter than the first
Through death there comes rebirth
The timely turning of the Earth
Surrenders night to day

Each song is just the start
Of the endless beating of my heart
It only takes one note to spark
There's no need to fear the dark

God, change the heart in me
And train my eyes to see
Through the blinding light of need
Like a fire in the street

Moved to tears but not to action,
And in our empty satisfaction
Believe that that's enough
Spirit, move us into love

Through faith and not by sight
Your heart becomes my eyes
But it's not enough to see
There's not light until You speak

Through pain and blood and tears
And mud and sweat and years
We'll conquer all our fears
Don't fear the light, my dears

(music slows/quiets) But darkness fills our eyes
And stars fade from the skies
It seems the song now dies
(crescendo) As a reprisal's on the rise

(majestically) The horizon's filled with light
(Guitar begins) Our voices taking flight,
Souls seeming so bright
No, we can't fight this light

I'm water turning into wine
I'm living proof that You're alive
I'm burning in a love divine
God, use these hands of mine

(vocalists harmonizing) As starving hearts are saved
This valley once enslaved
Now singing songs of grace
Refrains of rising praise

Our hearts filled with Your fire
And words that You inspire
With eyes wide like a child
Your love, it makes us wild

These living bones once dry
Now clothed in robes of white
Caught up in your eyes
Unite in dancing skies


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