Darling, If You Love Me

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A song lyrics about redemption and why we all can have a reason to smile :) It's inspired by the children's game "Darling if you love me won't you please please smile"
Sorry, you wont know the melody :(
It's fairly soulful, I would say.

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013



Verse 1 Darling,

If you love me

Won't you please, please smile?

Just a glimmer

Of a grin,

It would make my heart go wild

Oh, smile

Just to say it

Don't try to find another way

Oh, Darling,

If you love me,

Please smile


chorus 1 I never learned to love like this,

No I never learned to smile

Or to dream, or to sing

I never learned anything

But to sit and wait the end of the night

Never learned to cry

Or to fight,

Above all else I just learned to deny

Oh, Darling

You know I love you

But I just can't smile


Verse 2 Oh, Darling

If my love is enough

Can't you smile because I'm with you


I know that times have been tough

But you've risen above

Can't you look back and smile

Since I carried you out of

The valley

If you

Love me




Chorus 2 Oh but

I never learned to love like this,

No I'll never learn to smile

I'll never cry,

Never fight 

Never see the light

Breaking from a mountain's height

I'm lost

In this valley

Even if you carry me,

Oh Darling,

You know I love you

But I just




Verse 3 (quietly) He said Darling,

If I've healed you

If I've made you new,

brought you through your


Can't you feel the rain?

Can't you see I'm insane

About you, my Child, my One?

If I've changed you truly,

If you can feel it too

If you believe me when I say,

'Darling, I love you'

Won't you smile

Like the Sun

At the break

Of dawn

Once you start,

I know you'll shine on,


If you love me and

If you trust me, just

Give me your last smile


Chorus 3 (with feeling :P) Oh but

I never learned to love like this

No I never had no reason to smile

There's a love that has caught me up

And carried me home,

Brought me out of denial

Love that traded itself for my pain

That gave His own life for me to

Smile again

Though I may walk

In the valley

In the shadow

I know He knows I love Him

(pause) Every time

I break into

A smile




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