Freedom's Law

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A development of thought, the two narrators' confusions and chaos as they become orderly and they become blind to the past. Written as a correlation between Animal Farm and 1984 by George Orwell. The first stanza is written from the perspective of Winston from 1984, the second stanza from the Animals of Animal Farm, and the third includes both the animals and Winston's thoughts as they agree. This system is repeated twice.

Submitted: January 23, 2010

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Submitted: January 23, 2010



My life is like a puzzle

That never has been solved,

And yet will never be;

Some pieces have dissolved.


Our lives are set before us;

For for us they were made.

Independence will continue

With seven rules obeyed.


Nothing is that was before,

Could be less or could be more.

Truth turns slowly to ignore,

Our freedom soon becomes our chore.


Those pieces that did disappear

They trade as coin and token.

Bits of life I did forget

Return in dreams still broken.


Though first we fought such fearless fights,

We do not, in truth, recall

Those seven laws that guard our rights

Or life before the fall.


This is what is, what was before?

Was it less or was it more?

What’s true has changed, still we ignore

That freedom has become our chore.


The fear has fallen from my eyes,

No fight left in my bones.

I now don’t care if truth and lies

Lie with more unknowns.


We cannot discern what we can see

It makes not any sense

 Our lives, made for us, are to be

For Manor now and hence.


Nothing shows how much we gave.

Not more, but less can we now save.

The ignorant do seem so brave.

Should truth set free, lies then enslave

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