The Hard Part Isn't Over Yet

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Can be applied to all walks of life, more or less, though it was written as my advice for Simon, the character from the Lord of the Flies by William Goldman. Tells the boy that he has a duty, a difficult task as I believe we all have, and gives him counsel of how to complete it (though he fails, as you know if you have read the book)

Submitted: January 25, 2010

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Submitted: January 25, 2010



On an island far away

In a place you’re forced to stay

When others whom you do not know

Have no other place to go

Don’t give up and do not fret

Though harder things are coming yet.


As all seems well and good and right

Darkness flees, there’s only light

And no one dares to think of fears

Although you’re lost, you shed no tears

Be wise, remember, don’t forget

That harder tasks are coming yet.


If things begin to fall apart

And no one follows him who's smart

They’d rather hunt or play and run

Till two are left, that’s you plus one

Keep your peace ‘cause you can bet

The hardest isn’t over yet.


When fear begins invading minds

And distractions are of many kinds

If darkness lies where once stood light

And beastly beasts possess the night

Know you’re safe though the sun has set

Your hardest task has not come yet


Other’s hopes will soon decline

Their thoughts will fall all out of line

Be the last still taking heart

Protect the light left from the start

Your words’ meaning they will not get

But say them now, your task comes yet


When no one but you understands

And one group forms two separate bands

You are the one to go and prove

The “beast” is dead and cannot move

A morbid face you have just met

But still your task gets harder yet




Once you find what no one knows

Don’t hurry back as darkness grows

They cannot see, they are afraid

A deadly beast might come invade

For this mistake you’ll pay the debt

Take it slow, there’s no rush yet


Your task is done but so are you

It’s all for naught, no one else knew

You did not live to tell the tale

Of the corpse and parachute sail

And so to add to your regret

The hard parts are not over yet.

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