They Lived Ever After

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The sad sad story of love gained, grown and lost. Riddled throughout with doubt that the love was ever true or meant to be. This was written as an assignment. It relates to Winston and Julia's love affair from George Orwell's 1984.

Submitted: January 23, 2010

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Submitted: January 23, 2010



I don’t know you,

I hope we never meet

You don’t seem the type whom

I’d ever greet.


I sensed a danger,

So I’m surprised all the more.

You were a stranger,

Seemed staunch to the core.


What on Earth is a fairy tale?

Do you hear that Nightingale?

I don’t care whom it’s singing to

But I swear it’s me and you.


We are so much more than just two

rebels struggling in a battle.


‘If this is love

Do you belong to me?’

I think as we speak of

What we know will soon be.


We both expect

That this will not last.

I can’t help but protect

A small hope, overcast.


Why can’t this be a fairy tale,

Don’t you remember the nightingale?

And I don’t care whom its song was to

But let’s take it, me and you.


‘Cause we are so much more than just two

rebels struggling in a battle.


It doesn’t look good,

The situation we’re in.

We both knew that it would,

At sometime, begin.


But still, we’re not ready.

We thought we were so strong.

May our promise stand steady,

Though we cannot for long.


Please tell, how ends a fairy tale?

Why does every love story have a nightingale?

Now I’m not sure whom it was singing to.

Before, I swore it was me and you.


Were we ever more than just two

rebels struggling in a battle?

Are we any more than just two

rebels losing this battle?


I’ll never forget you

But I have even now.

All that we went through,

A thought we cannot allow.


We’ll never be

What we were before.

You’ll never see

Me anymore.


‘Cause there’s no sense in fairy tales,

Nothing special about nightingales.

Who cares whom it was singing to?

Time for us to face what’s true.


We are erased

Our lives fade away

We are reborn

The middle of our days

We were forgotten

But are now recalled

We weren’t before

We simply are.


We were never more than just two

rebels struggling in a battle.

We’ll never be more than just two

rebels who lost this battle.


I saw you again,

A brief moment we met.

Our promises broken,

We will soon forget.

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