Stick or Twist

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An bright sunny poem about choices!!!

Submitted: July 30, 2013

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Submitted: July 30, 2013



Every once in a while you need to decide to stick or twist
Whether to play safe or take the risk
Whether to stick with what you know or jump into the deep, dark unknown
These are the choices that define your life, moments that shape the hype and give you strength at night or the will to carry the fight

In life, young or old, the decisions you take define your soul
Set you on the path of ambition and gold, or drag you down a deep, dark hole
From careers, sports, school and friends through to girls, gangs, drugs and mad weekends
Should you stick with what you know or follow yourself wherever you may go
Up as high your imagination will flow, or somewhere safe, you know just so-so

Who can say what is right or wrong, when is good to give up or when you need to stay strong
Who will help guide the way and ensure you extract the most from each and every day
Who will let you know that the moment is now – if its time to strike or time to play
The answer is simple, it’s you, it’s that voice in your head,
You know the one that never lies, the one we try to hide, the one in which we confide
The one that is always right, even if it is wrong – the one that keeps you so very strong

Stick for good and twist for better,
Or twist for luck and stick to the letter
The choice is yours and yours alone

Tony Brennand – 2006

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