Sonnet 2- If you were to marry me

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This is a sonnet that i created as part of my english a level coursework. it is a transformation of pride and prejudice. i have ommited iambic pentameter for practicality reasons but have kept other expected conventions of a shakespearean sonnet.

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011



Sonnet 2- If you were to marry me:


If I was able to convince you to wed,

Then I know we will be happy forever,

And one day at last I will no more dread,

And I shall go and follow you wherever.


And I will look after your every need,

 Live in a giant mansion in such glee,

As we have passion to make this succeed,

And such beauty that astounds me, 


My love for you Elizabeth is well known,

And I would give everything for such love.

I would let you have the crown to my throne,

And at our wedding release the white dove.


Then the best dreams of my life will be true,

And we will share a life just me and you.

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