The Insanity Within - I felt a funeral, in my Brain

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This is a script for a transformation of the Emily Dickinson Poem 'I felt a funeral, in my Brain'. The transformation is written from the perspective of emily dickinson and is about her writing a play about herslef.
I have decided to transform this as the main theme of the poem is the extended metaphor of the funeral service representing a mental breakdown. I have decided to take the idea of the mental breakdown to a whole new level by Dickinson going completely insane and murdering someone before committing suicide. The play contains all of these gruesome events and is told from the perspective of Emily Dickinson.

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011



Transformation of ‘I felt a funeral, in my Brain’- The Insanity Within



  • Writing in brackets and in italics = stage directions
  • Writing in bold = the story writing that Dickinson is doing
  • Normal writing=  Normal speech.

(On stage is a chair, table, quill, ink, letter and paper. There is also a mirror on the wall. Emily is on stage sitting down at a table, she is in the dark except from a small light that is shinning through a window onto her face as she begins to read a letter).

Emily: “Dear Miss Dickinson,

I am afraid to say that I am not convinced by your work.

Emily: “Not convinced how dare you”

 Although I am your friend, I must comment on the unease that I feel to hear that you are considering having your work published. This is very contradictory to your poem 709: ‘Publication- is the Auction’ in which you describe having your work published as, ‘so foul a thing’. This suggestion of publication causes me such pain”

Emily: “Causes you such pain and what about the pain this latter causes me?”

as this is so very much unlike you. Are you sure that you are alright? I am most worried about you. I urge you please don’t publish your poems they are too idiosyncratic.


(She storms about the room in anger venting her frustration, hitting the table causing a large bang that echoes across the room, stopping and looking at her hand to check the damage).

Emily: How dare you Margaret?  How dare you? You are supposed to be my friend.

(She sits back down and begins to write while speaking her work aloud)

Emily: “I felt a funeral in my brain.

(She pauses for a while then continues)

Emily: Oh I have used that before.

The pain became worse with every beat of the heart. The change from Normality to Insanity-

(She pauses for a while then continues)

 I know more about than most. It ended with a person in a large box. I am that person. This is my story. Where death was my finest moment.”

(Emily lifts her quill and begins to think)

Emily: Does that sound alright? I don’t know. I think so.

“I lived a secluded life. No one Bothered to visit me. So I didn’t bother with them. The only one who bothered with me ended up in the same way- Present in this world no longer-”

(She looks into the mirror and begins to speak to herself)

Emily: Well Emily, who should I use? Oh Margaret, Margaret would be perfect.

“She was called Margaret- She had brown hair- Brown eyes- But no longer- She was my friend- She came to my house- But she didn’t leave- At least not in one piece-

(she chuckles in an evil way)

She criticised my work- Not a Wise thing to do- My work is my life-

My heart began to race- My body began to Perspire-

Emily: “ perspire, fire, dire. hmmmm”

(She contiunes after a short pause)

 I had to- I had no choice- The voices told me to- “sssssssssssssssss”-My mother says you must do as you’re told.”

(She slaps the Desk causing a loud noise)


I struck her with a stone statue. The vibration still echoes in my Brain- Over and over like the tick of a clock- I want it to stop mother, help me mother- But it continues- Every tick more Agonising than the last. I grasp my head- The tension is raising- My blood is bubbling- My brain is to explode-

The breakdown was complete-”

(She  raises her head looking to the ceiling and begins to think aloud)

Emily: Is this too dramatic? Have I introduced the attack too soon?

(She carries on reading her work aloud while writing it furiosly causing a scratchy noise.)

“She hit the floor- Her ruby Red blood began to pour. I know it’s unusual - But I like the view- It satisfied my need. The voices stopped- But not for long-

I needed more- My craving was back- The voices were urging me to Attack- “sssssssssssss”- My rage was uncontrollable- Not that I wanted to control it. I loved every moment of the Suffering on her face- She Squealed in agony- Producing an unstoppable laugh from my mouth.”

(She gets up and looks at her work in astonishment)

Emily: “How can I produce such evil?”

(She then continues but an evil look appears on her face as a hissing noise is produced from her)

“I ran towards the body- Sloped down next to the groaning corpse- I touched the blood- I licked the blood with my fork shaped tongue. This just Infuriated me greater- I rubbed the blood into my face- A demonic smirk gleamed from my blood covered body- What to do with the body I now thought- The voices were getting louder- “Chop it up, Chop it up, Chop it up” over and over these words slowly Slithered from the serpents tongue, the Devil’s tongue - My Brain was thumping- I was thrashing my head- Trying to stop the noise- All to no avail- The strikes to the head became greater. My torn knuckles began to bleed- This stopped the voices for now- But they wanted more Blood- Margaret’s blood- My blood- The voices don’t care-“

Emily: She will know now not to criticise my work or you end up in it.

“I remember Margaret she was my friend- only my friend. No one could have her but me. She said she wouldn’t be able to see me anymore- It’s not fair. Why is it always me?

(She puts a dissapointed look on her face)

We used to play on the swings and write things together- but now I am the only one writing.”

(the look on her face changes to an evil smirk)

I began to write- What you are reading now- Knowing it would be the last ever work of Emily Dickinson- Work that is Darker than that of before- work that shows my true mental state-

The voices were back- Louder and more excruciating than before. They tormented me- “No one cares for you, No one cares for you!””ssssssssssss” over and over- I couldn’t take it any more- It had to end- My life had to end-

(She now has a confused look on her face as she stands up and looks to the heavens for answers)

Emily: Do all the ssssssss sound good? I don’t know if people will understand what I am trying to do.

(She sits back down and continues to write and speak aloud)

“My blood vessels were bulging- My pulse was raising- I had to take my moment to visit a better place- A place where no longer I shall be alone-

(The facial expression changes to a more serious look)

Oh God why must you Torment me? What have I done? It is because you are a naughty man isn’t it, God? You never liked me did you God? Oh no my mother can’t hear me being naughty to God. Mother will tell me off if she hears me- shhhhhhhhh be quiet.

(the facial expression changes once more to a look of a naughty child)

God you never talk to me- But Satin does. He talks to me- He gives me voices in my head- He wants the best for me- He wants me to join him. Join him in the Underworld.”

Emily: Where did I get this from? I am a religious person, normally.

(She then produces a laugh as if to reassure herself and continues once more)

“When you read this note- You shall already have seen- The Incapacitated body on the ground- My body hanging from the ceiling. The horror story that has become reality- My entry to the Underworld-

And know this is your fault- Not mine. People should have visited me more often- You should have tried- You are too blame- not me I am only a small child who needs her mother.

And here my tale ends. Present in this world no longer- Death my finest moment-

Emily Dickinson”

(She sits there and says aloud “I hope they like my work, I think they will, I know they will, I will make them.”)

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