MAH Broken Heart

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A poem I wrote for a girl who broke my heart...

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Submitted: March 20, 2013





You see, there are times when I felt like you were the one

Giving you actions and emotions that I love you a ton

The first glimpse of you made me think that God had sent an angel from heaven above

But now, my eye sight gone bad and I could no longer be your cove 

Thought I could be with you seven eleven, always with the one I love

Thought I could make you happy and sing to you “she will be loved...”

Thought I could grow up and make a family with you, seeing our kids on the front porch waving their hands calling out ‘Mommy! Daddy!’

But those just became “thoughts” after you broke MAH heart!


It all started when you wanted to be someone else

From a young innocent girl, to a girl who ate the fruit of good and evil

All the things you’ve done that you didn’t want to do

Now made you think that all of that was okay

All the times when people thought you were a pure hearted girl

When actually, you always had a knife behind their backs

All the ridiculous excuses you’ve made at the times when you were mad

You say that it was nothing and just put me aside as if I was trash in the bin

When the real reason was because you forgot who your true friend was, yourself

Now I thought to myself, maybe she can change

Maybe we can come back to the times when we were so close

Wait, close to me? No she has already ran miles away from me

Leaving me left with only a half heart, while you fall into a limbo of darkness


Everyday, now and then I see you floating in the empty blue sky

I remember the sound of our last good-byes

At first, I try to remember what I did wrong

Maybe it’s because I stretch myself to long

You slowly walked away from me long gone

I guess its because your teenage gene had turn on

If I were still to be in the dreadful past

I would try to make things up

But that’ll just give me a big huge cast

So here I am, regretting and weeping

All alone in another darkness, always dreaming

Everyday you’d pop up in my mind

But now in my life I have something to find

I do not know when we will ever talk again

Or when I will have that dream of our family or the front porch

Because our restoration had just began

I guess our trust may never regain

Because neither of us will know each other’s pain

The one thing I know right now

Is just to promise myself a vow

That I will never give up

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