My Adventure to China

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As I travel around the world to China, I find myself in various situations...

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Submitted: March 20, 2013




As I begin my adventure, I would like to briefly talk about myself. My name is Sam Gonzales from Portugal. I am sixteen years old and I am ready for the bigger future. To achieve my dream, I went to meet the great Prince Henry because he was a great explorer. As I was working for him, he told me to explore the world and find any new resources or goods from other regions. I got on a boat the next day, which was March 2nd, 1430. I was ready for an adventure.

March 2nd, 1430. Today is a great day, the sun is shiny, and I am optimistic about this adventure and very eager to see what is out there in the big world. There is enough food in the deck to help me and the men survive for about half a month. We are all excited for the new adventure. We sang pirate songs just for the heck of it and also had some friendly talks about what was going to be in the new region we were going to be in. I heard new animals, new humans, and most importantly, new food. We are all pumped up for this.

August 23rd, 1430. After traveling west on sea for about roughly six months, we have finally arrived on land. The weather seems pretty nice and there seems to be an awful amount of nature. The whole crew is eager to look into this land. After walking for some miles, we finally find a road, which tells us one thing. Man made roads. We follow the path and finally end up at some stone gate wall. Someone with heavy armor came out to greet us and asked us whom we were. So we said that we come from far away Portugal. Somehow, this guy knew our language through some merchant because he clearly didn’t look like any one of us. Rather than with violence, the man treated us with care and respect and let us into the kingdom. The translator’s name was Xuan. He said that at this moment, it is the Qing Dynasty. Qing apparently means a person’s last name and dynasty just meant the era. As the translator guided us to our shelter, we found more than what we wanted to find. We actually found a new civilization. As we were walking through people, they were afraid and also shocked to see a different race of people. From this we found out that clearly, this country hasn’t really had a whole lot of interactions with other civilizations. As we arrived at the place, Xuan told us everything about the civilization. He said that the country is currently isolated from other countries because they do not want to be influenced by other countries. He said that the only exception were traders from Canton, Macao, and Ningbo. After hearing this, the crew and I knew that the resources here would be knew to Portugal. We thanked Xuan and slept for the day.

April 10th, 1433. This country is simply amazing and very interesting. First of all, this country has a great trading system and a great agricultural system. The people here use a trading route called the Silk Road to trade with other civilizations. They mostly traded silk, porcelain, and other valuable goods out of the country. We were deeply interested in these good so we shipped a whole lot on board already. These trades helped this civilization grow so much. The new fabric, silk, actually helped the economy dramatically. I believe that the people of Portugal will love this product. We also found out that this country is more agricultural than industrial. But they do this on purpose because agricultural is has low tax rates and also are more efficient with trade. This was just amazing.

August 1st, 1433. People here are sure a lot different than us. They not only look different, but they also stay away from us. We asked Xuan why that is and he said that it was because we had weapons. So we said told the people that we come in peace and that there will be no harm, we immediately got their acceptance. Thanks to the translation by Xuan we were able to talk to people and communicate with them. Although the people were alright, the emperor wasn’t so pleasant we being in his country. We told him that we just came for trading purposes. We told him that his empire would greatly benefit from the trade process and make his empire great. He agreed and told us to go back to our country to talk about the trade agreement.

November 3rd, 1433. We had just arrived in our country with all the goods and information about Qing dynasty. Prince Henry was greatly amazed and impressed and immediately agreed with the ties. Although the emperor did not favor outer influences, we overweighed that by saying that the trading ties will greatly impact the empire’s economic growth and ideas. This world is such a great world and I would love to learn more about it.


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