Obesity Essay

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Obesity is a problem that many people face. This essay briefly talks about what obesity is and how to prevent such a problem.

Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012




Did you know that when you’re twenty percent over your normal weight you are considered overweight? Many people are struggling with their weight problems and try to find ways to prevent them. Obesity is a very serious matter in this world, yet people don’t take it as a global issue. Over-weighted people can have dangerous effects, emotional problems, and also take on a lot of responsibility to get back to a normal weight.

It is very obvious to point out the country that is struggling with obesity and it is America. According to a health organization article by David Hirsch, one fifth of the children in the U.S are over-weighted. It says that the causes of this are either genetic inheritance or a lack of physical activity (Hirsch). When people are over-weighted, it is harder for them to live life. Not only can they not walk properly, but they also may have other disabilities such as uncontrollable eating or unable to perform daily physical activity. It may be hard for children to live a life being over-weighted, but they should be healthy and strong.

According to a Time magazine article by Michael Lemonick, one of the reasons why Americans are over-weighted is because after eating too much high calorie food, they try to burn the calories by drugs than exercise (Lemonick). People think that this is okay, but it is actually isn’t. Eating too much drugs can kill a person. Instead of drugs, it is better off for people who are over-weighted to do some physical activity and burn their calories.

People say America is the top country that struggles with obesity. If America’s first, then Australia must be second. An article from The Sydney Morning Herald by Amy Corderoy, she says that fat has rapidly become the biggest public health challenge Australia has face. She also says that more than sixty percent of Australian adults and one fourth of the children are over-weighted. In addition to that, she says obesity has taken over smoking as a leading cause of premature deaths (Corderoy). By this, we can see that obesity is not only a problem in America, but also in many other different countries.

An article in a health center for disease control and prevention, it is said that when people are over-weighted, there are many effects to it. Obesity can lower one’s self-esteem and even cause a lot of stress. It can also cause you to have coronary heart disease, cancer, a stroke, hypertension or even sleep apnea. These are all effects that can kill one’s life. This can all happen if people do not exercise enough in their life (“The Health Effect of Overweight and Obesity”). Fat can build up and up and hit the point when a person is obese.

Obesity is something that people can solve by one’s will. An online article from the Child Obesity Online Center written in 2009 stated that obesity can be solved. Obesity can be solved if a person who is obese changes their lifestyle and do more physical activity. The reason why people should do physical activity is because this can help one’s body be healthy and also good way to burn calories. Another reporter, David Hirsch, says that when people are obese, it is best for family members to always be supportive and never mention their weight (“Facts About Obesity”).

The main ideas in my research are effects of obesity, causes of obesity, and obesity preventions. These ideas are all different from one another, but there is one fact that is the same. All of these main ideas can be resulted by one’s actions. Effects of obesity can be severe for example, like cancer. Or when people try to deal with obesity with drugs or even the causes of obesity such as, not enough physical activity. These facts can all end one’s life and this is how serious obesity is in this world today. We can see that all of these ideas can all be caused by how a person decides what to do.

Obesity is one of the most important global health concerns. Obesity has a lot of effects that cannot only ruin a person’s life, but also can end it.  People who are struggling with obesity should start to do more physical active in their daily life so that they can lose all their fat. If people are going to solve problems, they should solve it the right way and not the wrong way.

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