The Saviour (I) - An Extract From The History Book Jackson Was Reading

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This is an extract from the history book Jackson was readign in the library in either Chapter 1 or 2. This might help with understanding the story.

Submitted: December 11, 2010

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Submitted: December 11, 2010



The Complete History
The 11th Edition
Prof. Edward D.Thorne
NATHANIEL ELRICK was the first vampire to be created. The only vampire to be created by the Gods themselves. He was chosen after showing great bravery and courage in the War of the Roses. Nathaniel saved his colleges, in 1459, by evacuating a building but was caught in the blast himself.
Luckily for us the Gods saw what a courageous being Nathaniel was and decided to give him a second chance at life, but an enormous price would have to be paid for this miracle. To survive Nathaniel would have to feed on humans life-force – blood. Thus, the vampire was born. The Gods marked Nathaniel so that every human knew he had been blessed by the Gods. The Gods marked Nathaniel with a backwards crescent with three lines through it, one for each God that had blessed him. The Gods gave Nathaniel a gift to ensure that he could control all the vampires. His gift was that he when he met new vampires he would obtain their gift as well as keeping the others he had already obtained, making him pretty much invincible.

The Gods guided Nathaniel through his early years and helped him pick suitable men to help him rule the vampire world – of which he was to create.
The Council Members
One summers evening in 1465, after years ofsearching the Gods spotted a talented young man, Macon Ravenwood, in London. The Gods continued to help Nathaniel pick and teach the new members.
Next was Lestat, who was found three years later, in Nottingham. Lestat Remus was a peace keeper, the best in West England. The Gods noticed Lestats gift – detecting lies – and told Nathaniel that he was needed for the Vampire Council. Later that night Lestat was introduced to the vampire ways.
In the next two years, whilst Nathaniel was searching, Macon and Lestat built the Vampire Meeting Hall in the countryside of Plymouth.
On the night of Christmas Eve, Alphonso Darcy was on his way home from a party when the Gods spotted him. In 1470, the fourth council member was created.
It took a further sixteen years to find the right final council member. Louis Edwards III was found in the hospital after surviving the same war that killed Nathaniel. One cold night in 1486, Louis slipped into a coma and was presented to the Gods. Nathaniel was told of this and created the last council member.
After Nathaniel had completed the task of creating a Vampire Council he was presented with a gift from the Gods. A ring that would protect him from the sunlight he had been hiding from for twenty-seven years. The ring was incrusted with his own personal gemstone, chosen for him by the Gods. Nathaniel asked one more thing from the Gods before they left – to create an infinite number of these rings that he could give to each new vampire made. The gods answered this request by filling one of the rooms of the Vampire Meeting Hall. Nathaniel gave each other member of the council one of these.
Whilst out with the council members one day, Macon came across a gemstone lying on a rock. He was instantly drawn to the gemstone, Montana Agate. The same thing happened to the other members of the council and Nathaniel came to the conclusion that this was the Gods way of protecting their creations. Since then each vampire has been chosen by a gemstone and has had it incrusted in their ring by a member of the Vampire Council.
The council was officially created in 1490, after Louis had fully adjusted to his new lifestyle. The first aim of the council was to create a law by which each vampire was to follow in order to feed unnoticed. They completed this aim in 1502. Since then this law has only been broken a couple of times. The punishment for breaking this law is death.
Vampire Council in Action
In 1517, the Vampire Council had their first problem. A group of Demons attacked a lone vampire and tensions were high. Vampires were turning on each other as each had different opinions on this attack. Twelve years later tensions had increased dramatically and vampires were protesting across the country. The council broke many of these up and eventually the protests dispersed.
Nathaniel’s Personal Life
In 1537 Elena Corin was born to Elizabeth and Phillip Corin. Sadly at the age of 16Elena lost both parents in a house fire. From then on she had to struggle to survive on her own. Six years later an unknown vampire found her freezing in an alley and in an act of pity turned her. She woke up later and found a ring with moonstone incrusted in it lying next to her.
Nathaniel and Elena didn’t cross paths until late 1569 when Elena decided to attend a meeting at the Vampire Meeting Hall. Whilst there she was greeted by Nathaniel who has said he instantly fell in love. They stayed together and married in the summer of 1607.
Tragically Elena was brutally murdered in 1772 by a gang of demons. The death of his wife hit Nathaniel massively and it has been said that he stayed inside for months until one day something snapped and he went after the demons that had killed his wife. After years of searching he found the demons that killed her and tortured them until they wished they were dead. Then finally he handed them to the Vampire Council to be dealt with. Nathaniel is said to have a scar across his chest from one of the demons.
Ten years after Elena’s death Nathaniel disappeared and hasn’t been seen since. There are rumours that he may have killed himself in order to be with Elena. Others say they saw him the night before he disappeared running into the woods surrounding the village. But the only thing we can be sure of is dead or alive he is needed in order for the vampire race to survive. Without Nathaniel the demons will succeed in overrunning the vampires.

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