Ordinary Life With Chris Brown

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What if Chris Brown had a lil'sister named Chanelle and she's...well you'll read.
My first challenge!!! For jfm98.
Love (ly)

Submitted: July 26, 2008

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Submitted: July 26, 2008



Narrator: Chris Brown and his lil' sister, Chanelle, were watching t.v at a hotel.

T.V: Gatson...You shouldn't have have made that bet with Lucky.

But Mandy, I had to, it was either that or...

*slap* You make my heartsick. *She was about to slap him,again. But he grabbed her hand and pulled her in for a kiss.*

Chanelle: No Mandy!!! Don't fall for Gatson's Love.

Chris: So Dramatic.

Chanelle: Shut – up!!

Chris: You hang out with Auntie Patrisha to much. *Hands her two Tissues.*

Chanelle: *Whipping the tears I know.*

Chris: *Sneakily took the remote* Next!!

Chanelle: Nnnooo!!! How will I know if if Gatson loses the bet..., or if Lucky dies..., And if Mandy Snaps!?!?

Chris: *Yawns* Gatson did lose, so Mandy stabbed Lucky for no reason except anger. And the sheriff was there and shot Mandy in the right shoulder.

Chanelle: *Stares at him weird*

Chris: What?!?!

Chanelle: How did you know that?

Chris: Auntie P. was talking about it on the phone.

Chanelle: *Punches him* Thanks for telling me the ending!!

Chris: Actually...Mandy was in jail-

Chanelle: *Grabs a pillow and attack his head* Shut-up!!!

Chris: *Fights back.*

Narrator: It was only secounds until she took the pillow away from his head.

Chris: *Breathing fast*

Chanelle: *Giving an innocent look * Happy?

Chris: Yeah,But im telling momma!!

Chanelle: Do!... And supposedly, out of the mist, someone tells her that a cetain son of hers sneaks out of his hotel room, for a certain female.

Chris: Do and I'll tell her who REALLYjump-

Narrator: There was a knock on the door. Chanelle was the one who got-up and aproached the door.

Chanelle: *In a deep voice* Who is it?!?!?

Voice: Girl!!! If you don't open this door, I will-

Narrator: Without hesitation, Chanelle opened the door.

Chanelle: Hey Momma!! How was your sleep?

Mom: Peaceful... I didn't have two teenager Browns fighting in my room.

Chanelle: Now momma, we don't FIGHT all the time.

Mom: If 3x a day isn't ALL the time. Y'all have 2 fight at breakfeast, lunch, and dinner, atleast.

Chris: Hey, momma!!

Mom: To give y'all what ya Uncle sent to ya.

Chanelle: Uncle Cliff always gives good presents.

Chris: Cause you always tell him what you want.

Chanelle: *Gives a mean look* Shut – up!!

Mom: Hmmm.... I don't think you'll like what he gave y'all.

Chris & Chanelle: * Gives serious looks* What are they?

Mom: *Holds in laughter * Googles and a kite!! *Laughes*

Chanelle: Momma, that ain't funny.

Chris: No that ain't.

Mom: To me it is.

Chanelle: *Rolls her eyes* If ya need me, I'll be waiting on the bus to leave.

Chris: I'll be checking out the room.

Narrator: Ummm... Did I mention that the three were on the “Exclusive” tour.

Mom: No... You didn't

Chanelle: *Walks out of the room* And you call youself a narrator.

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