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What's life? Life is a form of energy which cannot be created or destroyed, and it can be given or taken away from my body to another. Soul is the Physical form of life. Whats the origin of

Submitted: June 17, 2018

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Submitted: June 17, 2018



Life is the most precious gift ever given to human kind by Allah Almighty ( the most merciful and beneficial of all). But the question is how worthy is it? What is the worth, price of your life? Well technically we will all answer this question with this commonly used sentence “ Nothing can be compared to the worthiness of Life, not even all the money in the world and everything in the world”. I would accept this answer but only for the first question. No doubt the life ( the most precious gift ever) is beyond the worth mankind can afford. But your life, its not that much worthy. Wondering right?  That I am wrong but no I am not. Have you ever thought about it when you die, i.e if you lose the precious gift “life”, what will happen. What will be the affect on your family, your neighbourhood , your city, your country, and most importantly your world. I assume that it will  affect your family but only for a short amount of time (i.e maximum 6 months ) but it wont have any effect on the rest of the world. Well this clearly shows that your life wasn’t worthy enough but when you see some person dying who has some achievements like a great scientist or like a founder of a nation or somebody special, not only his family, neighbour hood, his city, country but the whole world feels downhearted on the loss of such a valuable life. So here what I am trying to prove is that life may be important and sacred but  actually the true worthiness of life, is the way of living a life, and on the purpose that its spent is what makes it worth while. As you may heard many people saying that Life is one time thing, enjoy while it lasts but I want to ask you that question that really? Do you really  wanna waste a such an important gift? Now you will start asking me that how can I make my life worthy. On this point when you are willing to sacrifice your comfort and  ready to make tough choices this question hardly stands in your way. No matter what direction you go, you just have to keep running,if you can’t run, walk if you can’t walk, crawl but all you need to do is  keep on moving because the fate decides victory on the scale of hard work. They say nothing in this world is for free. Every thing has a price. As you make have also heard of  "No pain No gain". So if you are thinking of achieving something without considering of losing anything then just Don’t. Don’t even think about it.  Life maybe the most precious gift but it’s not forever lasting it has an end but if you want something that is forever lasting you’ll have to sacrifice this precious gift "life" for it and you will live on forever without even being alive just like all those great men who are  living but are not even alive. It’s not their life what gave them this lifetime achievement and victory but it was there way of living and their purpose on which they sacrificed their life.

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