I love you and will never forget you

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This girl's sister has cancer. Her parents don't really care. She get's sad and it's a heart breaking story.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



 Heart Brake

The last sounds of life were heard to hear. Just the loud beeping of my own flesh and blood's heart monitor. The long flashing blue light was as long as it could be. I wanted to scream, and run to her. Hold her and pretend that this didn't happen, but I couldn't let go of the thought. My mother's hands are strong as she yanks me away from my own sister. My step dad looks me in the eyes and tells me it's going to be alright. My body was growing weak as I become more frustrated with my insipid family. My soul is like speaking to me telling me I shouldn't do this in front of her, even though she was dead.

After all these years she goes weak at a young age. I loved her more than anyone on this earth. My parents all these years knew she had cancer and knew she was dying and all they did was watch it happen. All they ever did was watch me sit up late holding her beautiful,silky,blonde hair as she spits out blood into the nasty toilet. She hugged me crying asking me every possible question that came to her pretty little head. Asking me why god wants this for her? When can I let go? Cam the doctor cure me? I didn't know what to say all I did was lay my head in her lap. She grabs a brush and brushed my long auburn hair. I remember her soft, taciturn voice telling me to not worry about it. How could I not worry about my very own sister. My natural high was taking care of her.  She told me that when she was ready to leave that I would know but all I could do is nod. Laying her head on the pillow.  When she was sound a sleep I got off her bed and went and slept in the corner.

Screaming rang threw my ears.  I got up to see her lying on her covers burning up. Her temp went up and my breath went low. My mother was standing in the door way with the phone in her hand. She told me that she just called 9-1-1 and they were on there way.  Already hearing the sirens and the front door opening. Stretcher was out and she was being picked up and placed on the stretcher. They shove a thermometer in her mouth and stick her in the back of the ambulance. My mother's steps in behind and they shut the door. WHY? Why does she get to go?

My heart beats louder and louder by the second. Step dad grabs my arm and says go back to bed. Yanking and struggling trying to get away.I become dizzy and my legs can't hold my body weight. I lose balance and fall to the floor. It's all a blur from that point. My dad opens my side of the door and says come on. Looking up at the lights to see starburst. Walking into the building to a lady on the intercom. My dad asks what room my sister's in and they say 209. 209! The same number the intercom is saying "code blue 209" Tear rolled down my eyes as I sprint to her. Turns after turns I got to her with nurses and doctor's behind me. There coming in to take her away from me. Screaming my mom holds me back. They can't take her away from me. She's a poor ten year old who looked up to me. I never got to tell her goodbye but I did say I love you before we fell a sleep. My mom watched her walk out as I followed. My mom hated her she knew when she was born not to get attached. How could you ignore your own child?

Falling on the floor in the hallway. I shed tears and my mom calls my dad to tell him the new. He's up here in twenty min. Taking me with him as my mom trying to stop him. He yells at her saying that he will take full custody and live with him and Mindy. Mindy is a better step mom then my real mom ever was. My heart is filled with love and Joy of my loving sister Alexandra Rene Sandler.

Ten years later 

It's Alex's birthday today and I'm walking through her room. In a box full of stuff my mom wants gone. Is a scrap book that Alex made when she was in the hospital. Opening it to see the first page was about me.  Tears roll down and I close it and hold it tight. I love you will all my fervor. I bow my head and pray Dear God, Tell Alex that I love her. I can't wait to see her soon. Tell her that dad say he loves her with all his heart. Ahmen.



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