Dream once made...

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it is about a girl who saw dream once in her life time and remained unfulfilled because dream wasn't made for her....


The dream once made...


 The word “grace” has charm, elegance in the same way the girl named Grace over the church has the charisma in her simplicity. She was simple, looks so delicate but was strong with what she does. I have seen her from the past 2 years I used to go to the church every Sunday. She used to look after the children in the church in the week ends. I have seen her do all the small things in the church. The other days she used to work for the agricultural project where I was also working as an intern.


I had been trying to talk to her as she was the only girl in the work and she had nature which attracted me. Her decency really was pleasing. Subsequent to running after her at last I became a friend of her. We used to work together at work and at church as well. She was great help at work because she knew everything about the place and I was up-to-the-minute. So I also became supportive like her and started to work with her in the church. And that was fun too. To look after the spoilt kids, to run after crying brood started to amuse me too.

Consequently we became close. I came to know her well. At the time I thought that way. We talked, shared views, her approach of talking was different from me. She had lot to share but she didn’t. Even sometimes she talked; she talked so softly that I could hardly hear her. Being so close I hadn’t seen any changes in her expression at all. She was always hushed, calm but divine.  What most surprise me is she lived alone and she didn’t want anybody to live with her. She was girl who loved isolation. She was virtually opposite of me. I was fun loving and she loved remoteness. With all those contrast we were together and I knew I had to learn much further from her.


Subsequently days went on. One day she was in high spirits that was the day she sounded very weird. I wasn’t in the habit of seeing her that way. But I was glad too, and wished to see her that approach. Then she began to unbolt herself to me. After that she revealed that she was in love with a guy when she was in college. But they never revealed themselves to each other. That guy married another girl in the town and everything was over for her. Then I knew why she was what she was.


For the day she was happy because the guy she mentioned met her. She was acting like insane. To be in love to such an extent is insane to me. I couldn’t believe a girl with such a dignity was saying she was happy to meet a guy who was already married.


For few more days she went on meeting the guy like that. I didn’t say anything for the reason that she looked so pleased. But one day she came to me saying that he wanted to be with her all those times. The marriage he had was just because of family pressure. They both planned that they will leave the place and marry. It got into my nerve then. I tried a bundle to convince her not to act to but there was nothing that could stop her then.





Few months past after that, I was not able to meet Grace for long time. I was out of the town to meet my parents. When I came back, grace looked pale and again started to flee from people.


Following day of my arrival the normal work was going on in the office. The quiet room seemed too chilled that day. The day was gloomy already. Then I heard people crying loud. I came outside. Grace was on the floor, she had container of poison in her hand. One of the deadly poisons I have ever heard of. Her eyes were vacant though filled with tears. She was talking to herself during the last moment of her life. I could hear her saying “you couldn’t understand my love dear, still I wish you to be happy and safe”. At the same time people were gathering and doing all those they could think of. They tried to make her gag but instead a stream of blood came out of her eyes, noise and ears. I have never been in such a situation and didn’t know what to do. I just cried, because I was helpless in front of the situation. My friend was dying and I could just see her dying. People rushed and took her to hospital I was with her holding her arctic hands and she took her last breadth on the way to the hospital. At the last moment I knew that she wanted to say something but she knew she couldn’t and she filled her eyes with tears, like a child does when he sees her mother.


All those moments are like story or movie to me now. But it was real. It had happened for a time. I still can feel her cold hands and her last breadth if I think of those heart breaking incidents.


After knowing few things from the people I came to know that she committed suicide because the situation was unbearable to her. The guy promised to take her with her but he escaped alone. I still don’t know the reason behind his galloping. But I know the pain of the girl. The dreams once made by a girl in her life time being broken.


I went to her house, when polish went to inspect her house after she expired. I had gone there couple of times before. I felt different then. It was cold, isolated and was screaming the feelings of the girl. Her new sarees and jewelries were placed at the table. They were showing the dreams of the girl. That time I didn’t think of the guy’s problems I just cursed him for what he did. I wasn’t angry because he didn’t keep his promise I was mad because he showed her dreams that were never hers. Because of his thoughtlessness I lost one of my good friends. People say that nice persons are short lived and now I find it true.

  Being human she wasn’t wrong to see the dreams, but she wasn’t made for the dream so I always pray to god to make her soul free from those unfulfilled dreams…






Submitted: February 20, 2009

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