Christmas in Iraq

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

If you guys like this let me know and I'll turn it into a longer piece. I was going to write a couple of sequels to this anyway but if people really like the writing style I'll do something bigger with it.

All for free of course :)

Unknown soldier, presumed dead

25th December 2014

This is my first log. I guess it's sort of like a diary.. we shipped out yesterday, Christmas eve, at short notice, and we couldn’t believe it. Some of us have only recently got out of training. and we were expecting to spend Christmas and new years with our families plus a couple weeks, we got deployed.. We definitely weren’t expecting to be sent to Iraq...



26th December 2014 - 10:00

We’ve just been briefed on an anti insurgency operation happening later on in the day. I shouldn’t be writing about this but alarm bells were raised throughout the whole 4 and a half hour session.. it was relentless and it was very suspicious. For a start there were a fair few suits, plenty of spooks, what appeared to be a couple of crooks and some very loud Brits from the SAS. Couple that with all of us guys and the FIVE other battalions being briefed individually on the operation and their group roles... well.... it looks more like an invasion than an operation. What stuck out most about this calm before the storm was how open it was. Nothing seemed set in stone apart from one clear objective.. Kill the targets by any means necessary.... NO limit on collateral damage..



God please forgive me. I did not know.


27th December 2014 - Morning mess

I can’t eat.. people keep asking me what I’m doing and I just tell them I’m writing a letter.. no one knows!! Except me... and I guess, whoever is calling the shots... I feel sick. I don’t feel safe. I can’t keep quiet. I just can’t. This is wrong. These people we are fighting are not ISIS.. in fact, they themselves were attacked by ISIS just the other day. Some of them are yet to bury their dead who were beheaded in the streets... These people we are hunting down... they’re not ISIS, they are Christians..


28th December 2014 - Hiding in a logistics truck - 21:14

Last night I posted something on the internet that I shouldn’t have posted. Actually, I probably should have posted it but I honestly wish I didn’t. I wonder how deep this thing really goes.. they are searching for me now. It is only a matter of time. I managed to take down the MP before he got too suspicious as to get the handcuffs out. I played dumb, but inside I knew the truth. I was going to be locked up abroad somewhere with a bunch of other dissidents. Probably for an indefinite period of time and I would most likely be tortured. Dying would be miles better than that. I’m an enemy now. All because I posted the truth online. I have to think about this..


Who would even believe me anyway? Who would believe that the extra 5000 troops sent to Iraq to combat ISIS would actually be used as an extermination squad to irradiate all ENEMIES of ISIS. Do they want to establish a completely unstable yet puppet controlled Islamic caliphate. I don’t know. What I do know is that they don’t care about the Sharia law or the rampant beheading happening. As long as they can keep milking the middle east for resources and convincing the tax payers that they need more money for more war.. I have to stop writing for a little bit.. they are searching some trucks near me. It is only a matter of time... I will hide this somewhere. I hope someone finds it and connects it to my twitter. Please, if you are reading this.. there are ways to leak this stuff online and anonymously.. people need to know.



I don’t know if I should be happy that they haven’t found me yet. What are they going to do to me? Should I just kill myself? No.. I can’t go down like that.. These wars we are fighting are nothing more than murder for profit.. murder for conquest.. I don’t want to be another useless statistic.

On Boxing day I killed a man who had just buried his infant son, who had been beheaded by ISIS.. Purely for being Christian. He thought I was ISIS coming back through his door so he drew his gun and I shot him..

It was only his screaming wife and emotionally distant brother that made me realize.. these were not terrorists.. I found a neighbour who spoke English and wasn’t too scared to talk to me.. You can thank this man for getting the info out. I have never seen someone so sober in my life. It turns out that WE are the terrorists out here.. most of us don’t even realize it but the sickening thing is that the people at the top DO.


Please.. I beg you. If you are reading this. GET THIS OUT. THIS HAS TO STOP... they are so close now. I can hear them. I have left a notepad full of nonsense next to me. Hopefully someone will find this tiny slither of folded up paper one day.. I pray I haven’t hidden it too well.. if you are reading this, stop and think for a minute.. maybe God has led you to this specific moment in time.. You have to make a decision, you have a great opportunity.. think carefully before you decide what to do with it. I have done all I can, for now, it is up to you..

Submitted: December 22, 2014

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