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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Who said homosexuality is wrong?
What has God have to say about that?
The bait of pleasure revolves around four gay
friends. The Four friends after a fatal accident found
themselves in a strange land. They were welcomed by
a stranger who unfolds the truth about their chosen
path after a short discussion.
what is the truth?
Explore the truth in this exciting, revealing and brief
discusion about same sex relationships

Submitted: April 23, 2012

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Submitted: April 23, 2012




The End


Chapter 2

The Anniversary


Chapter 3

The Accident

While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

From the Ostewah Ave road, Jackie made a right turn onto the main three lane highway and doubled his acceleration from 60mph to 120 mph.

“It’s been a very remarkable evening. I was really touched by your speeches. You two did very great,” Vick complimented.

“We are honoured, thank you Vick”, replied Jackie

Jackie disrupted by a sudden phone call from his mum did not realise the traffic light has changed to red. As soon as their car sped into the interchange, a speeding truck from the adjacent high way smashed into their car and dragged them off the road. Their car somersaulted into a ditch.

The truck driver managed to stop his truck a few meters away. He got off his truck and rushed to help Jackie and the others out of their car. Most of the road users stopped and rushed to the scene. The truck driver called the ambulance while one of the road users called the cops. The car was badly damaged and their gifts were all over the street.

“Honey where are we?” asked Jackie.

Steve with a surprise face answered, “I have no idea”.

The whole place was plain and empty without any tree or house, only a road which stretches far ahead of them and it was blocked behind them. They were all wearing a white overall appeal which covered their entire body. Only their head, hand and feet are visible. They had light transparent sandals on. They were however not cautious about their dressing. They look exactly the same and they have their memory in touch with the exception of the accident. They don’t look bruised and felt no pains.

Vick held Rita’s hand tightly and told her “we will find our way home soon.”

The four friends then began walk by following the road ahead of them. The road is very smooth, without any patches or pot holes. It is brown in colour and looks very neat and felt comfortable walking on.

While walking, Rita asked,

“Vick, don’t you think we are dead?”

“Baby we are alright and the good news is that we are together and nothing can separate us” replied Vick.

After a few distance, they saw a huge door ahead of them. The door was gold in colour and sparkling.

“I think that is the door out”, said Steve.

They then started walking a bit faster towards the door. Jackie held Steve’s hand tightly as they were walking and said in a frightening voice

“I think we are dead”.

“Do not say that. We are young and have many years ahead of us,” replied Steve.

“Honey, even the young dies,” replied Jackie

“Sure, they do, but we are exceptional” answered Steve

Steve walked gently toward the door while the rest stood at a few distance behind him. The door is very huge and its handle is positioned far above the reach of Steve. The door is about 11 feet high and it is clean without any dirt or scratches. There are neither visible inches at the edges of the door nor a door frame supporting the door. Not even a poster or a sign was on the door. As soon as Steve’s hand touched the door in an effort to push open it, it opened by itself very gently without any sound. Jackie, Rita and Vick slowly walked toward Steve and they all entered into the room quietly.

The place was white and brightly glowing. Nobody was in the room. There was only one big dining table and five chairs. The table and chairs where made of shining metals. They could see their faces on the surface of the metal table. It looks polished and clean. Their names were engraved on four of the chairs.

Ahead of them, opposite the door was a man standing and smiling at them. He was not in the room when they entered and they did not notice his coming.

“You are welcome”, said the man.

He then walked towards them. He was light skinned, a white fair coloured skin. He had a very bright blue eyes and gold coloured curly hair like a refined gold. His hair is neatly brushed backwards and it is short. He was extremely handsome. He wore a bright white robe which covered his whole body from the neck down to his feet and arms with only his wrist down to his fingers showing. He has a smooth face, pointed nose and no facial hair. He was taller than any of the four friends.

“Who are you and where is this place?” asked Vick.

The stranger walked towards them while still smiling. When he approached the dining table, he pulled the chair at the extreme end of the table. That chair had no name on it.

“You are welcome”, said the man.

None of them responded but rather they kept on staring at him.

“Please sit down on the chair that has your name engraved on and fell comfortable”, said the stranger.

Jackie sat down first on the chair that had his name written on. The other three then followed up and sat on the chairs with names written on. The sitting arrangement was such that each couple sat facing each other. They were all silent for about a minute while steering in the face of the stranger.

Jackie then broke the silent by asking, “who are you sir?”

With a smiling face, the stranger answered, “I am your host. I will be hosting you for your shot visit here.

“Which place is this?” asked Jackie.

“This place is a special home purposely made for special people like you. Not everybody get the chance to come here during their journey”.

“Jackie, you see? I told you we are special”, said Steve

“What journey are you talking about?” asked Steve. “The journey of life” answered the host.

Steve further asked, “What are we doing here?”

“You are here to stand in for your fellow disciples to answer some questions on their behalf and evaluate your chosen path, as to whether it is right in the sight of God or not. This choice will determine your place of abode in eternity”, answered the host.

“I have no organisation or a group that I lead, so what disciples are you talking about?” asked Steve.

“It is all about what you belief and practice and not about the group you lead. When you belief in alcohol, you automatically join the alcohol group. So is your religion and profession”, answered the host.

“Are we dead?” asked Jackie.

“No, you are not yet dead”, answered the host.

Jackie then angrily stood up from his chair and asked Steve to get up for them to leave since they are not dead, besides he is not comfortable been in such a place. Steve got up from his chair and Jackie held his hand and both of them walked towards the door. Vick and Rita suddenly stood up in front of their chairs watching what will happen next. When they got to the door, it opened and they went out.

Immediately, Vick and Rita hurriedly run out to follow them. The environment was empty as before with only a road stretching ahead of them without an end. This time, they did not see any door ahead but a shining star at the extreme end of the road. It was very bright that they got frightened to even walk further to try their luck whether it will lead them home. Steve hugged Jackie and started to cry. Jackie holding Steve in comfort walked back into the room. Rita and Vick followed up. Jackie helped Steve to take his sit and he also took his. All this while, the host was sitting down quietly smiling and observing them. Naturally, the host has a smiling friendly facial looks without any fear in his eyes, but rather love, joy and praise. He had patient to sit back and watch his guest exercise their free will.

“Can you please show us the way out of here since we are not dead and want to go home?” Steve asked while wiping the tears off his cheeks.

“Well, you need to finish the purpose of your visit here before you can go back home”, answered the host

“What is the purpose?” Asked Vick

“To help dig into the bait of your chosen pleasure,” answered the host

Chapter 4

The Dialogue

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