Between Sleep

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a young woman who has lost the love of her life experiences him with her in her dreams as she wakes up.

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012



Samantha Lee

North Canton, OH


Between Sleep


Jane Lies in the crisp ice colored sheets with the cool morning air surrounding her, her leg stuck out to rest on the top of the deeper blue quilt and sleepily brushing some hair from her face as she turns over on her pillow. The white ceiling fan turns above with only a lulling sound to churn the cool air around the room, she often sleeps with it on just to avoid the stillness in the room, the quiet. Birds outside the window coaxing her from her dreams with their early morning songs and she listens to them while she half-sleeps prolonging the actual task of getting out of bed. She didn’t really need her alarm clock anymore but still set it every night and hit the snooze button every morning and so she stuck her arm out and felt the worn smooth button. Her bare arm reached under the quilt and she felt a gentle warmness enveloping her in the shape of strong muscled arms and legs, a body she knew well, folding into her. She breathed softly and sunk in close to him.

“Good morning baby” was whispered into her ear.

“Mornin darlin” was whispered back.

Gentle fingertips moved more of the long shaggy raspberry red colored hair from her face as they lie there in a spoon of bliss, listening to the birds and waiting for the sun, not wanting it to come just yet, or ever.

“Where you eating in bed with the tv on again?”

A giggle escaped her throat… “no” she said and snuggled up closer.

“Funny you should say that seeing as there is an empty cereal bowl right there on the stand, next to your clock. I don’t even want to know how long it’s been there, plus the cracker packages crumpled next to it. Did you even brush your teeth last night before going to sleep?”

“ha ha busted, and yes I brushed my damned teeth. Silly.”

“Well I had to ask, I know how you hippie types are.”

“Puh. I. am. not. a. hippie.”

She felt a sigh from his chest and molded her back as close to him as she could and wondered if she could ever get any closer and at that moment those familiar arms held her just a little tighter.

“I miss you baby” he, again, whispered, in her ear.

“I miss you too, terribly so.” She forced herself to remove the ache that panged in her heart and sent the tears that threatened to spill away, they could come back later, when he was gone again, but now. She swallowed the thick lump in her throat and shook more of the shaggy hair out of her eyes.

“Let’s not talk now, just lay with me a littler longer.”

“Ok, baby, whatever you want.”

“Now that is what I like to hear.”

“I know.”

She could feel his smile as he said the words.

The couple lay, intertwined, arms and legs wrapped up in each other with her hair splilling over the pillow, looking like a burst of paint splattered on a sheet of ice, the tips of her lashes resting closed and for a moment she could no longer hear the birds’ songs anymore, the fan had stopped churning. There was no movement. Only stillness. Quiet.

“You have to get up now, baby.”

“Five more minutes.”

“Don’t hit that snooze button again.”

“I always do.”

“It’s time for a new day baby.”

She felt the air beginning to move again and the birds started singing again. The sun was peeking through the white strips of the blinds on the window. The warmth was beginning to seep out from under the quilt. Her uncovered leg turned cold and she curled it under the heavy quilt of blue and feigned a few moments more of sleep.

As she whispered “I love you darlin, miss you” she heard her clock shrilling in her ears and she rolled over in the crisp ice sheets, stuck her arm out and once again finding the worn button, hit snooze, again.

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