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a young woman awakes in a strange home, kidnapped by a psychopath, and she tries desperately to save her friend.

This one absolutely needs edited and revised but I'd love to know what you all think so far!!

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012






I opened my eyes and looked up and around to unfamiliar sights. I blinked again to remove the crust, and something sticky, and tried to collect my bearings realizing I was sitting on a hideous flower print tiled floor and looked up again to see the plain wooden cabinets and a dirty old yellowed fridge with some black muck in the drip pan, this certainly wasn’t my kitchen, as panicked questions raced through my head, whose is it and why am I sitting on the floor, and what the hell is sticky on my face, I brushed my fingertips to my face and brought them away tipped in red, blood, I quickly fingered my teeth, making sure they were all there and looked around again, still, not knowing a thing. The last thing I remember was drinking pink wine up in the old tree house way in the back yard of my parents’ house with Sally. How did I get here?

After 30 seconds of making sure I wasn’t dead, dreaming or missing any teeth, I realized that I was in some serious trouble, and I wasn’t alone. In the kitchen with me, standing over me, were four other girls, but not a familiar face among them, reaching their hands out to me and helping me off the floor to my feet.

“Thanks” I said, as one pressed an old paper towel to my eye clearing some of the stickiness, she looked at me with clean blue terrified eyes and said “shhhh, don’t make a sound. He’ll hear you”  looking around and out the windows as she stepped back.

I looked around to a group of dirty and disheveled girls, a set of two that were similar to each other that stuck a little closer to each other than the other set of two. What the hell is going on here, I thought, as I looked at a pair of blondies with blue eyes, different shades of blue but both blue, wild and terrified none the less. The other pair firey red and emerald green, they were, eyes with the same wild look the other two had. Suddenly, wild with panic I remembered Sally, my best friend in the whole world, Sally, whom I’ve known forever she was like a sister to me, we acted alike, we talked alike… we looked alike, is this a fucking joke. I looked around blindly for Sally but she wasn’t there. I asked the other girls,

“Where is Sally? Ya know, short and brunette, just like me.”

“We don’t know, he only brought you.”

“Who, why, where are we, what’s happened to Sally?” I couldn’t get the words out before I was zooming around the kitchen from window to window, seeing only dead grass for miles with a glimpse of some crummy old dirt road that seemed forever away.

“Do you know where we are” I asked

“Nooo” one of the little blondes wailed.

“Ok we have to get out of here because I need to find Sally and avoid getting maimed by some maniac” I said and started looking for a way out of this hell hole, wondering and hoping that Sally had managed to get away, from what and who I didn’t know, but hoped she had gotten away.I heard gravel crunching tires and peered out a window to see dusty flying and the girls instantly hit the floor and huddled together not making a sound, it was one of the most terrifying things I had ever seen, this is definitely not a joke, I scrambled to the first door, I saw because I was not going to join that pathetic huddle, and hit the stairs, the old kind that are just nailed together, the ones parents of toddlers are terrified of.

I slid between two of the stairs and lowered myself to the floor and heard doors opening above and muffled shouts and peere up, shit, I forgot to close the door all the way, at the light beeming down the steps. I heard a slew of obscenities hurled at someone and things crashing around and it didn’t come from a man and it surely wasn’t one of the girls I had met upstairs. I knew that voice anywhere, it was Sally. I became paralyzed with fear not knowing what to do or how to help her and I became one of the terrified girls that I had met upstairs. I couldn’t move or speak and I hated myself for it.

The basement door flung open and heavy boots stomped down, dragging something with them. Sally!!! She was silent now but from beneath the stairs I grabbed onto her feet with all of my strength, which suddenly was none, and held on and lost her foot and grabbed it again and held on tightly, so tightly, and finally found my voice and screamed her name,




I heard a chilling laugh as one of the heavy boots kicked my fingers from her shoe, her shoe that was just like mine, and dragged her into the darkness that I couldn’t see into, and she was gone and I there was nothing I could do to save her.

I bolted from my pillow soaked in sweat and tears streaming down my face and I looked around clutching my sheets and blankets staring wildly around my room. My room, thank God I was in my bed, in my room. I reached over and picked up my phone,

“Sally, you will never believe the dream I just had.”

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