Reach Out And Share

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its the first poem i wrote, its about mainly about life.

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012





Yesterday I felt mad

But today I feel sad

Tomorrow’s going to be crazy

 my minds like a rollercoaster but all hazy

Life goes up and down and never turns around


Some people are kind and modest others

Are cruel and dishonest.

Humans have shared miracles others

Shared things that are horrible.

We all bleed the same colour

But continue to fight one another.


Most will wake up with a clouded mind

Not leaving memories, bad times behind.

 Letting habits destroy the soul

Always dreaming but never succeed their goal .


Few will wake up with a kind heart

Helping others not falling apart.

Having a dream to live for

And chase to see what’s more.  

It can take just one person to shine and see the worlds sorrow

And others will follow

but we Continue to make our world hollow.


There are billions of people living out their

But very rarely we see a leader who will reach out and share.


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