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short story about drugs and tripping.

Submitted: July 11, 2012

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Submitted: July 11, 2012




It’s cold winter morning as I get out of bed, put on my clothes and went into the lounge room my roommate was sitting there high as a kite he said “have a cone” I said “yeah I might not too much though cause I got to drive my bike”. I went into the kitchen to get something to eat and saw a sandwich in the fridge with allot of mushrooms and meat.

I said bro “can I have this sandwich” he was passed out with a joint hanging out his mouth. I figure I would just eat the sandwich and make him another one later on. I took the joint out of my roommate’s mouth and then I hop on my bike and started my 40 minute drive down south.

I was on the highway then the car next to me just started going wavy and sideways, i look up ahead and everything’s a different colour it’s all green and red. I start to panic I took the next exit and saw a bird fly by it is big and hectic.

I stop at a park and feel anxiety running through my body I get out my phone I need to call somebody, my phone started ringing before I stated dialling, it was my roommate mark he said “you didn’t eat that sandwich did you” I said “yeah” he said “dude that’s full of magic mushrooms you took allot of them you better come home real soon, before they start to kick in fully” my phone dropped out of my hands and saw the ground, its swirling and making a weird sound. To my right I see trees going forwards and backwards, I see a man sitting on a bench next to a tree I sit next to him and he said straight away “what do you see” I looked at his eyes and can see his face is going all wavy and dry. I feel like I can talk to this man I should talk to him for a while for now that’s the plan.

He said “when the back of the mind is open you see lovely and beautiful things, you see your mind is not staggering or suffering” I look around and see that nature is what stands out, right now I appreciate it more I have no self doubt. We sat in silence as I looked at the sky and see that the clouds look like peter from family guy. Every sound I can hear, I can hear birds and the rocks but mainly the highway sounds pretty clear. I said to this man “why are we always in a rush” he said “we don’t open our mind we don’t make it hush”, we sat silent again I can see its dark I should do something but right now I’m in the moment I don’t care about anything.

I blink my eyes and then they opened and now its light I turn around and see my roommate mark insight, he said “dude I’ve been looking for you everywhere are you aright” “yeah I’m great” I said he said “dude you’re lucky you can even see i talked to the shop owner accross the road. he said all night and day you were talking to that tree.

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