wrong place wrong time

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Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012





I wake up in the morning with a hazy head ,look around with a blurry vision and realise this is not my bed.  Gather up my clothes while I look at her body realising I fucked this sheila and she’s defiantly not a hottie. This happens all the time, my body’s given up and my minds given up.

 I jumped out the window my head feels hollow, i see a bloke coming closer from the distance he says “hello”, I say” hey mate how are ya”. He says “what the fuck are you doing in this area”. I say “i don’t know where I am I just woke up here”. He says “well I just live up the road you look like shit you should come chill out and sober up a bit”.

Sitting in the lounge room looking at all the knives on the wall, feeling a bit edgy I better give my mate a call. Just as I stat dialling my mates number the bloke comes out with a bowl full of gunja, he said” hey mate my names Garry its just me living in this house I’m not married But call me gaz wats your name lad”.

 “My names ben”. “aright Ben would you like a cone i got some good home grown from a potion i made up it gets you  real fucked up” “yeah mate i said”. I always feel like weed when I’m hangover it defiantly beats being sober. But what the fuck was he talking about a potion fuck I don’t care I’m to fucked for this situation

“then gaz said would you like a cup of coffee or a drink I got some beer left I think. “yeah mate just a beer thanks”. Puffing down a few bongs realizing this shit is pretty strong and the situation i am in something does feel wrong. Looking around the room i see strange and weird things everywhere the big poster above the chimney really stares out in the glare. It says “Satan my savour”. Then i saw satanic books on a shelf one book standing out saying “black magic amaze yourself”

 “Here is your beer gaz said” i grabbed the beer out of his hand and slightly realised theirs blood on his hands. I didn’t care though my heads not clear i just wanted to get the fuck out of here, i started to ring my friend again and gaz said “don’t worry mate il give you a lift later on for fuck sake,.  I said “no thanks gaz thanks for your hospitality but ill just go catch a bus or a taxi”.  Gaz Said “ok ben just finish your drink don’t be a rude fucking prick” “ok” i said i started drinking it very quick because this guy looks like his about to flip. He started singing chants from a book, im finding it hard to look at him my eyes are going blurry...

I’m a awake in a place my heart starts to race my head is pounding and i take a long hazy look at the surroundings, there is pain coming from both hands then i see big nails going through my hands. I start to panic, i hear a voice it sounds husky and frantic, their is a girl in front of me but i can barley see, she said “please help me” she was crying and sounded like she was about eighteen. My breath became stronger and deeper “i said where the fuck are we”?.  She said “i don’t know but that fuck head comes down and hits me”. “Ok ok we have to calm ourselves down. Wher are you hurt”, “he has cut me with his knife, and he calls it Burt” she was crying hysterically for her mum to

Break her free from this tragedy. i said “what your name” she said “Bethany” i said “my names ben”. “Well ben were going to die today” Bethany said “that CRAZY fuck head has been talking about the demons in the spirit world which one day will be his world his going to cut us up. But ben me and you  in the afterlife we will fuck him up” , my body starts shaking and i feel my shirt soaking. I hear footsteps coming down the squeaky steps. Gaz is standing in front of me with a knife “your in strife he said wiping blood off his shirt, anyway this is my mate Burt im going to cut Bethany up over there, but i will be with you in one moment so stay right here”. He turned around to Bethany she started crying, he put his knife through the side of her head i couldn’t believe this sight she was defiantly dead, he turned around to me with his knife high and his eyes wide, i feel pain in my side and heard a last voice,  wrong place wrong time.  

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