Wrong Place Wrong Time. part 2

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wrong place wrong time PART 2

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012




I feel weightless and everything is bright my chest no longer feels tight, I slightly remember going into a house, it just suddenly hit me, I’m dead I died in this house. I look ahead and I see a girl with a hole in the side of her head. She said “Benn were both dead”. She came closer to me but she wasn’t walking it looked like she was gliding, she doesn’t have a body just a lightly shaded figure, I look down at my body and it is the same, just lightly shaded and has a flicker. I started to realise I was dead but my thoughts are different and it feels like I don’t have a head. I started moving towards this figure looked slightly to my right I see and old dusty mirror, there’s nothing reflecting back.

The girl said “you might not have a clear memory but my names Bethany, and that guy killed us and his planning something with our bodies which will take our souls to a dark and never endless destiny”. I wanted to say a word but I couldn’t say something I went to lean on a pole but then noticed I couldn’t touch anything. She said “I don’t know what the fuck he is talking about but he keeps chanting reading with a big shout”

everything has come back to me now his name is gaz I was lost and he lured me here somehow, I’m starting to feel sadness for my family and friends, there never going to see me again. Bethany looks like she’s thinking the same thing. She was right I can hear shouting and chanting. I’m starting to feel anger as I said “what the fuck is he shouting about”.

We went up the stairs and just we go straight through the door it amazes me that I can’t touch objects anymore. We are in the lounge room and our bodies lay on the floor.

I look at Bethany and see she was crying in her eyes I could see tears, they were glowing and shimmering. She leaped out and swung at gaz but her fist just went straight through his abs. Gaz is chanting from the book he is reading I can see that his eyes just started bleeding. Down below the table I could see a whole opening, it looks dark and evil. Slowly things start getting sucked into it. I feel the worst fear in my life just before I get sucked into that dark pit.

I’m awake in a dark room I can see my body is back to normal and can feel my legs and arms move. I hear fearful voice say “open doors”. The door opened and in came a creature he was ugly and broken. He raised the big knife and started hacking at my limbs I feel agony and pain as he slices through my skin. The pain is terrible my organs fall out right in front of me it’s horrible. Eventually after this creature stoped the pain and agony. My body just reappeared back to normal suddenly.

The creature turned around and walked straight out just as he left I heard someone shout “welcome to the dungeons of hell” I started to cry and said “what are you talking about” the voice sounds like its coming from a room next to me. The voice said “Some crazy fuck head up there has made a deal with the devil and owns a prison down here, every day that door will open and you will get sliced up to tears” I said “who brought you here” the voice said “I don’t know my minds not clear, but I do remember someone say one line”, “wrong place wrong time”

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