Yours...Always and Forever

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Wrote this when i was going through my old school pix...i remembered when i had a friend that i ended up liking a lot and when i told him, he shut me down and literally avoided me. I just wrote this because i was feeling it, and i honestly am not lookin for criticism since this poem was solely for me, but for others to read~* anyway, thanks for the advice (if u post any) and i really appreciate it~*

Submitted: July 17, 2011

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Submitted: July 17, 2011



We were close since forever ago..~*

You laughed at me, I’d laugh at you

It’s so sad for me to just let you go

I told you how much I loved you, but you said there’s nothing I could do


You chose her, you left me

We still stayed close, but you moved on

I tried to fight for you, but you said we couldn’t be

You told me that you’d rather have me leave, because I didn’t belong


No matter how much you pushed, I still loved you

All anyone ever wants for their love, is their happiness

I watched you hold her hand, and saw that your love for her grew

I don’t care about if your love is returned or not, I just know that it’s you I miss


I want to let you know that I’ll love you forever

I want you to know how much I could love you better

I don’t blame you for loving her

I just ask one thing of you, just one thing: please don’t forget me..ever~*

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