Hidden Friends: The Lost One

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Abducted and trapped, a young princess, Lindsey, barely escapes and finds her way to a castle. She discovers that the castle does not only house a princess her own age but that they are her own kingdoms enemies. She hides her identity from Kathryn. Opting to help her, Kathryne tries to get Lindsey out, and find out who she truly is. But now that she has found a friend she has to find a way home without exposing who she really is. She has to make it out before it is too late.

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011



The moon faintly lit Lindsey’s path. The heavy canopy and the thick underbrush made the forest cold and uninviting, everything about it screamed evil. The crunch of breaking twigs and her panting breath seemed so loud in the stillness of the woods. Every shadow caught her eye.

“Are they following me? When will they notice that I’ve disappeared?” she thought aloud. Her pace slowed as she spotted a break in the foliage. The underbrush of the chilling woods feathered out until none was left. Coming to a complete stop at the last tree Lindsey slumped against it, exhausted.

“Now where am I?” She breathed out. Looking around, the place she now stood seemed oddly plain. Nothing resided in the vast stretch of land that could distinguish her whereabouts any more than the forest. Now that her vision of the sky was clear, Lindsay could tell why the moon shown predominately through the clouds. It was full. How she loved the full moon. She took a few moments to get her bearings and she examined herself for cuts but found only minor bruising, that and that her dress had been ruined.

“Well now’s as good as any.” she began to make her way across the field. The fresh coolness of dew lingered in the air as she approached the castle that had been in her line of vision for the last half hour. A small town surrounded the castle leaving it open to those who, like herself, decided to invite themselves in.

“But I have good reason” She stated trying to reassure herself. Creaking open, the door let out to a darkened hall, lit only by the candles hanging on the sconces. Lindsay stepped in and closed the rasping door behind her. She tiptoed to the main foyer which was furnished with lavish couches, draped in purple chiffon, and dark mahogany end tables. Hugh glass vases held Sunflowers and Forget-Me-Not’s, Roses and Lilies, Daises and Chrysanthemums.

Stopping in front of staircase, Lindsey paused. It was divine in construction and decoration. The rails curved and twisted and spiraled with each step. Lining the magnificent steps laid a lavender rug, in which swirls of gold and silver intermingled to create a design attractive to any eye.

“Ahem” Lindsey heard a voice say but could not distinguish where it came from.

“Hello? Is someone there?” Lindsay called out desperate for a companion to help her.

“Not so loud you’ll wake the entire village. Come into the kitchen, it’s to your left.” The voice proclaimed. Deciding it was best to meet this person wanting to help her, she looked to her left noticing a door way faintly illuminated by what she assumed a candle.

“Hello?” Lindsey asked again meekly. She studied the room she had just entered. Just as before, no one was there.

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