Love Hurts: What doesn't?

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When someone you love dies you can be mixed up with emotion and have to deal with it. This is how I did it.

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011



It’s amazing what the human heart can go through and still remain in tack. People nowadays don’t care whether they kill your mother, brother, father, daughter, sister, or son. Death plagues us all and yet not everyone is pushed to their breaking point.

When one you love dies you become a disheveled heap and although some can become good at masking their sadness, this only fuels the fire that scorches the heart. Once repressed sadness or anger has been let out the only thing left is a person abandoned to pickup the pieces and once more move on.

When someone close to your heart dies it can take the toll on someone as if it were them dying themselves and I suppose those who lose those near and dear to their heart can cause them to lose bits and pieces of themselves in which they can never recover. It may not be relief you seek or even guidance, but the one question that will never stop being asked is “why” and we my never get the answer to that question.

For some this is a type of closure to them, that they are in a better place but are they all? One more thing to think about before you go, will we remember or will all the good times on this earth be erased from our minds as if they never existed, if not how would be keep the bad emotions out when they go hand in hand with the good.

I would give anything to keep the memories I have made but is it worth all the pain that would follow? I would hope the answer is yes because no matter what, I want to remember those who God put purposefully in my life, the good and bad. It made me, me and I wouldn’t change a day of it.

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